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Gutierrez Believe that the Pursuit of Justice is Inseparable (Essay Sample)


This is not a research paper. It should reflect your own study of the text and your own original thinking. The paper should identify a difficulty in the text, pose an open-ended but focused question, and develop an argument that explains how the difficulty can be resolved.
requirement for an intro paragraph: 8-15 sentences according to the format: general background, specific context, a surprise consisting of two elements, a question, and a thesis statement.
A surprise involves an apparent conflict or contradiction between what someone might expect and what one seems to have found. More precisely, a surprise has two elements that apparently contradict one another:
It seems that X;
but it also seems that NOT-X.
Gustavo Gutierrez exhorts Christians to practice social justice as a preferential concern for the poor: "solidarity with those who suffer wretched conditions, contempt, and oppression, those whom the social order ignores and exploits" (94). And it would seem that justice for the poor is what they deserve and what advances their interests. Yet he also argues that concern for justice is made possible by the gratuity of God's love, and that this love requires disinterested religion.
Why does Gutierrez believe that the pursuit of justice is inseparable from God's gratuitous love?


Why Gutierrez Believe that the Pursuit of Justice is Inseparable from God's Gratuitous Love
Gutierrez believes that the pursuit of justice is inseparable from god's gratuitous love. He believes that realizing justice needs a preferential alternative for the poor. To him, God has a preferential alternative for the poor. Similarly, the church should show dedication to the cause of the poor. The concept that just system should involve preferences appears counter intuitive at first. Also, it appears to challenge the conventional concept of God’s Omni benevolence as well as universal love for all human beings. But, the concept can be backed on the basis that the disadvantaged require extra assistance to attain an equal opportunity in can be proposed that if the circumstance is unjust, then it is possible to take sides. This happens because when injustices occur and nothing is done then one becomes unjust because they are condoning that injustice on the side of the oppressors. Gutierrez takes a stance that God loves all people in equal terms but in unique settings he has a specific concern for the suffering. Looking at this particular circumstance, does God has a preferential option for the poor? I think so. In the Old Testament, God promises to judge human behavior and intercede punish the ones who fail to do as they are required. Job was a righteous and just man but went through suffering. His case was a contradiction as he had not failed in what he was required to do. Thus, this essay presents Gutierrez believe that the pursuit of justice is inseparable from God's gratuitous love.

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