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You may write a paper on Illness Anxiety Disorder Psychology Essay (Essay Sample)


For this assignment the book that has to be used is the one that is required for the class
Using your textbook, as your primary reference, write a paper on any 1 of the 3 topics from the list. You may use other sources, but remember to list them in your reference page.
If you choose to write on a particular disorder, a partial list of ideas you might want to write about include: the history of the disorder and how it has been described, the theory or theories that currently describe the disorder, the etiology of the disorder, symptoms, behavior, impact on the individual, impact on the family or society, treatment and intervention options, and the outlook for remission of the disorder.
The body of the paper will be at least 350 words in length.
Use a reference page and cite all sources used in APA format
Use 12point type with a standard font; examples, Ariel, Helvetica, Calibri, etc.
You can write your paper on text entry in this site, or just use a file upload.


You May Write a Paper on Illness Anxiety Disorder
Illness anxiety disorder (IAD) is an unnecessary concern about developing a serious medical condition mostly in the absence of somatic symptoms. The person tends to be worried about being sick that they can become distressed and face difficulties in daily functioning. Illness anxiety disorder was known as hypochondriasis or hypochondria, but this had negative connotations.
The cognitive theory explains different types of theory where people imagine the worst, and excessive worrying increases the risk of developing IAD. There is no known cause of the disorder, but there are risk factors that are associated with a higher risk of developing IAD (Hedman et al., 2016)

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