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Victims And The Criminal Justice System (Essay Sample)


Please review media.
Visit the Interactive Community and follow the instructions to access this week's media.
• For each branch of the criminal justice system, explain one interaction with the victim that was effective and one interaction with the victim that was ineffective and explain why.
• Explain programs that could be developed for or made available to criminal justice professionals to help better serve victims.


Victims and the Criminal Justice
Response 1
Law Enforcement
The law enforcers responded immediately when the alarm went on and surrounded the bank. That was fruitful because it saved the lives of Jim and all the others who were in the ATM. Additionally, they also spared the bank the agony of losing huge sums of money and having little or no confidence from the clients. When the law enforcers asked the witnesses to go to the police station and report the events that took place it was good. With the information that the witnesses would give, it would be easy for the judge to prosecute the thief.
Keeping the witnesses waiting for many hours was inappropriate. The witnesses should have been served immediately they got into the police station. Giving the robber's mother an opportunity to go to the police and confess his son's innocence was wrong. The robber's mother should have given the courts an opportunity to decide as to whether he was innocent or not. In the interrogation room, another mistake was made, they told the victims that giving any wrong detail was a huge mistake (DeJong & St.George, 2017. For the witnesses, the memories of the attempted theft were still fresh in their minds and threatening them made the situation worse than it was already. The process of identifying the robber was also inappropriate. They failed to consider the fact that the robber is capable of taking vengeance to the person who identified him.
Asking the eyewitnesses to appear in court is essent

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