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Discussion: Motivation and Leadership. Management Essay (Essay Sample)


Discussion | Motivation and Leadership
it should related many personal leadership experiences as they can
The instructor really values how we connect the concepts to our personal life.can make up some possible college leadership experience if needed .

This week, we are asking you to think about the role of different kinds of motivation (intrinsic and extrinsic) in leadership.
What to do: Review the instructions for this week's discussion posting. Your grade will be assessed based on the quality and thoughtfulness of your response, how you integrate specific points/quotes from the readings and video, in addition to writing conventions (spelling, grammar, etc.).
1.Required Reading: Pink- Chapters 1 and 2.pdf
2. Require Video: ted talk- the puzzle of motivation by Dan Pink :
Be sure to read the chapters and watch the segment of the Ted Talk from Pink before responding to these DQs.
Discussion Questions
 Please respond in complete sentences to the questions below. A response that would warrant 3 full points would be roughly 2-3 paragraphs and would reference specific passages/moments from the talk.
 What ideas from the chapter and the video stick out to you? Why?
 How have you seen the different kinds of motivation play out in past leadership experiences? Notably, take a look at the seven deadly flaws that come along with the carrot and stick mentality. Be specific with your reflections.
 Is there anything that you disagree with about Pink's arguments? If so, why? Is it based on your own thinking or on personal experiences?
 What motivates you to become a leader?
 Think about the career that you are currently in or the career you are hoping to enter in the future. How can you use the ideas presented in Pink's reading and videos to guide the ways that you work with future employees?


Motivation and Leadership
Institutional Affiliation
Motivation and Leadership
The first idea that comes to mind while reading The Rise and Fall of Motivation is the complexity of the concept of human motivation. It beats history and economics. The mention of the fall of MSN Encarta and the rise of Wikipedia is a classic example of this complexity. Pink states that from a society that sought food and security thousands of years ago, the human society evolved into one that thrives on rewards for good behavior and punishment for the wrong. This concept has been widely accepted as the only way to improve performance, productivity, and excellence. In the 1960s, elements of the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory were incorporated into the carrot and stick concept, and the refinements enabled it to survive the resistance it was facing. However, the changes witnessed in the business environment in the new century bared the flaws of the concepts and necessitated the need for a complete upgrade. 

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