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Importance of Time Management for Students (Essay Sample)


1. what is time management? (It is important to students because time management skill is necessary for students to manage their time properly in order to hand in assignments on time)

2. Why is time management important?

3. How to manage time - Learn how to prioritize?

a) Distinction important things and unimportant

b) Making work list for object and focus

i. Eisenhower rule (explain what is it)

c) Setting a system of time management - how to avoid procrastination

d) GTD (explain)

e) FTF (explain)

4. What is the pareto principal? -  Talk about it! 80/20 rule (what is the pareto principle with time management)

5. People do not use time management to lead to what results

6. Time management tips for college students? - How can time management help students achieve success?

7. The conclusion - object of time management


Time ManagementNameInstitutional AffiliationDate
Time Management
Time management can be defined as the process of planning and then exercise conscious control over the amount of time that one spends on specific activities CITATION All01 \l 1033 (Allen, 2001). Time management helps to increase efficiency when one is doing a piece of work and the productivity of an individual. Good time management can enable you to work smarter and not harder so that you can get things done in a lesser period.
Importance of Time Management for Students
Time management is an essential tool for the students. Many reasons make time management to be an important skill that should be acquired by everyone.
Time is limited. There are 24 hours within a day, and there are many activities that one is supposed to do during this period. As the hours keep moving, they will add up to become days, and they will later become years, and you will be growi

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