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MGT407 S-1 Managing Human Capital Management Essay (Essay Sample)


Your SLP assignment continues with the topic of HRM’s Role in Managing Human Capital. By the end of the module, you should be able to demonstrate knowledge regarding the following subtopics of HRM:
1. Workplace diversity
2. Employment law compliance
3. HRM’s role in managing human capital.
There is a lot of talk about the importance of companies having a diverse workforce that reflects its customers and the areas in which they are located. What does this mean? When customers need to contact Customer Service reps, they want to talk with someone that looks like them, for one thing. For another, they want to contact a person who has compassion for the customer’s situation. Finally, they want to be customers of companies that show concern for their employees and the environment.
Having a diverse workforce does not guarantee that all customers will talk to someone who looks like them, but chances are higher that they will. It is not lawful to hire someone because of their nationality, but companies do hire people because of their foreign language skills. The companies that do this are those that know and understand the needs of their customer base. It is important to note, however, that companies cannot restrict their multilingual employees to working solely with customers of just one minority language/ethnicity.
When it comes to compassion for the situations customers find themselves in, you have to first understand who the customers are.
The customers of HR Departments are the employees! So, what this tells us is that the HR department must show compassion for the various situations in which its employees find themselves. Of course, it goes without saying that federal, state, and local laws must be followed above all else. But it is not always clear cut about how to follow employment laws.
Look at this example of how confusing some laws are: In 2001, Nike responded to claims that it violated child employment practices in its facilities in Third World countries such as Cambodia (Bogan, 2001). The company acknowledged that employing children as young as 10 years old was wrong and that they would stop the practice, but Nike admitted that stopping it completely was going to be very hard to do. Why?
Children were hired because their families had no one else who could work except for them. The whole concept of child labor is a confusing ethical problem that is not easily solved. Do you not hire the young children only to learn that their families starved to death due to lack of income?
Or, do you hire children and fail in the world’s eyes? What would the child say? This is just one topic for which HR staff need to understand the laws, both foreign and domestic. Sometimes it is hard to do the “right” thing.
Take a look at the following article regarding the reason employees file lawsuits against their employers:
Bogan, S. (2001, October 20). We blew it: Nike admits to mistakes over child labor. Common Dreams. Retrieved from https://www(dot)commondreams(dot)org/headlines01/1020-01.htm
Some company HR departments are small with its team members doing multiple roles, such as benefits administration; recruitment, selection, and retention; payroll; and employee development and training.
Of course, larger companies will have at least one person in each of these areas, depending on how many employees a company has. If a company’s HR team is too small for the number of employees it has, then employee dissatisfaction will rise because of the lack of timeliness regarding resolution of their issues.
For example, an HR manager may not understand the timeliness needed for hiring replacement employees for various departments. If that happens, then the company has to improve its communication system between departments. If a new employee has to wait for a busy HR staff member to update their insurance options, they could miss an important filing deadline. There is one thing that all HR staff members must do regardless of company size: They must follow all laws, including employment laws.
HR Departments must follow all employment laws so that they are not victims of employee lawsuits due to actions such as discriminatory practices, wrongful termination, violations of federal laws, retaliation for whistle blowing, or other grievances. The following article discusses the top five manager mistakes that ended in lawsuits:
Business Management Daily. (2013, May 21). The top five manager mistakes that cause lawsuits [Video file]. Retrieved from https://www(dot)youtube(dot)com/watch?v=nHHNk-VtwfA. Standard YouTube license.
Today, as you have learned in this module, the Human Capital Management (HCM) approach perceives employees as assets (human capital) whose current value can be measured with metrics and whose future value is enhanced through investments in their employees. Think about what your employer practices regarding how it treats its employees then watch the following video:
ADP. (2015, March 3). Rethink human capital management [Video file]. Retrieved from https://www(dot)youtube(dot)com/watch?v=Ipxtwod-W9o. Standard YouTube license.
1. Create a description of what a diverse workforce looks like at your organization. Summarize the impact of a diverse employee pool on your own employer.
2. Which HR jobs are there at your workplace? How are the job tasks and responsibilities regarding three aspects of HR (diversity, HR laws, and employee development and training), distributed over your HR team?
3. Discuss your own thoughts about the video on the mistakes employers made that caused disgruntled employees to file lawsuits. What should they have done differently?
In addition to using the background readings as references, find at least one additional peer-reviewed academic journal article to support your discussion. These are usually found in the Trident Online Library, not through a Google search.
Alziari, L. (2017). A chief HR officer’s perspective on talent management. Journal of Organizational Effectiveness, 4(4), 379-383. Located in the Trident Online Library.
Deloitte US. (2016, March 2). Human capital trends 2016: The new organization: Different by design: Deloitte insights [Video file]. Retrieved from https://www(dot)youtube(dot)com/watch?v=JS7duITSEO8. Standard YouTube license.
Jessee, T. (n.d.). 48 HR KPIs & Metric examples (and how to implement them). ClearPoint Strategy. Retrieved from https://www(dot)clearpointstrategy(dot)com/human-capital-kpis-scorecard-measures/
Seven habits. (2019). 7 habits that are stalling your employee engagement program and how to fix them. Glint. Retrieved from https://info(dot)glintinc(dot)com/rs/586-OTD-288/images/GLINT-15-001_WP_P3.pdf
Zheltoukhova, K. (2015). New ways of working: What is the real impact on the HR profession? Strategic HR Review, 14(5), 163-167. Located in the Trident Online Library.
Koblenz, M. (2003). Ten best practices of companies who care. Employment Relations Today, 30(3), 1-7. Located in the Trident Online Library.


Managing Human Capital
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The success of very company is crucial and that is why managers must ensure there is diversity. A diverse organization should be an organization where employees are treated equally regardless of their race, gender, or culture. Today, globalization has come up with a lot of changes such that organizations do not practice cultural diversity. One of the primary goals of any organization should be creating an inclusive environment where the differences of the employees are valued and respected. Although there are challenges that managers can experience when trying to come up with a diverse workplace, training and good leadership can assist them to deal with the challenges.
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