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Evaluate The Organizational Structure Research (Essay Sample)


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Evaluate Starbucks’s Organizational Structure
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Table of Contents TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u Introduction PAGEREF _Toc14444726 \h 3Starbucks Background PAGEREF _Toc14444727 \h 3Starbucks Organizational Structure PAGEREF _Toc14444728 \h 4Matrix Organizational Structure PAGEREF _Toc14444729 \h 5Appropriateness of Departmentalization PAGEREF _Toc14444730 \h 5Functional Departmentalization PAGEREF _Toc14444731 \h 5Geographic Departmentalization PAGEREF _Toc14444732 \h 5Product-based Departmentalization PAGEREF _Toc14444733 \h 6Team Departmentalization PAGEREF _Toc14444734 \h 6Authority in Starbucks PAGEREF _Toc14444735 \h 6Starbucks Organizational Structure for Job Design PAGEREF _Toc14444736 \h 7Conclusion and Recommendation PAGEREF _Toc14444737 \h 8References PAGEREF _Toc14444738 \h 9
Evaluate Starbucks's Organizational Structure
From advanced globalization and high adoption of technology, the organization's management focuses more on the flexible organizational system including business management, organizational structure, and business strategies. Hence, organizational structure plays the vital role in managing the business operations and reporting relationship in a firm because it guides the higher authorities and employees about the direction of reporting and communication (Blyton & Morris, 2017). Ahmady, Mehrpour and Nikooravesh (2016) claimed that organizational structure contributes productively to attain the business objectives by improving interactions, fulfilling organizational needs, enhancing the efficiency of assigned tasks, and expanding the growth opportunities. In this way, an organizational structure is the primary essential for a business to survive in the global environment. Likewise, Starbucks constantly evolve its organizational structure depending on the changes in the external and internal environment to attain the benefits from the macro opportunities and threats minimization. Hence, the report significantly elaborates the organizational structure for Starbucks and in what way, the coffee company manages the departmentalization and authority system. Further, the paper highlights the job design concerning the organizational structure of Starbucks.
Starbucks Background
Starbucks initially found in 1971 in Washington as the coffee company, which has international recognition among coffee chain and spread over 30,000 locations globally. Starbucks is extremely competitive concerning providing high value and quality to its customers. Hence, customers gain overall coffeehouse experience in Starbucks and they visit the coffee shop to meet chant and business meetings. The company offers fine pastries, premium teas, and other offerings to gratify customer’s taste buds for ultimate experience (Starbucks, 2019). Hence, the coffee shop adopts the latest technologies for managing business operations effectively and evolves its organizational structure with time to be stable in a competitive environment.
Starbucks Organizational Structure
0303022000Managers in any firm consciously adopt the organizational structure due to its substantial influence on each business activity and performance. Consequently, the major influence highlights the leadership, communication, management, business strategies, and other business operations, etc. for business success. Therefore, Starbucks transform the business structure in the modern era to align with the present needs of business in aggressive competition. Starbucks adopted the matrix organizational structure in which an individual report to two or more authorities and has the authority to decide a decentralized way (Meyer, 2015). The figure below illustrates the organizational structure of Star...

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