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One Recent Incident Involving Damage to a Shipment of Marine Cargo (Essay Sample)


Using the Internet or any other resource, research and describe at least one recent incident involving damage to a shipment of marine cargo. If you were a shipper, what would you do to protect yourself against such a loss? Be sure to include links to your sources.


Marine Cargo
One Recent Incident Involving Damage to a Shipment of Marine Cargo
Just like any other mode of transportation, maritime transportation is also being faced with several challenges. In the recent past, there have been many incidents where the marine transportation has suffered many several challenges that range from piracy, loss of cargo and even accidents as a result of natural calamities like tsunamis. In the recent past, it was reported in CNN that a ship lost more than 500 containers. A ship called the Svendborg of Maersk was hit by a strong wind and waves from the coast of France, the moment the ship left the Bay of Biscay, and by the time the ship reached the Spanish Port of Ma

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