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Describe articles: Department of Industrial and Organizational Psychology (Essay Sample)


This is compensation management class, there have 4 articles, for each article that shows in the documents, you have to write the introduction to each article, in the second paragraph you need to talk about how it affects (how and who) to stakeholders, finally paragraph is the conclusion, that should include our own opinion, each article should be one page, the resources our teacher didn't require, if its need, please use as much as you think. the skills of writing, please write like a university student, thank you so much!


Date due:
Describe articles
Article 9
Marjan Gorgievski, and Arnold Bakker, employees of the Department of Industrial and Organizational Psychology at a university in the Netherlands, together with Wilmar Schaufeli, a member of the Department of Social and Organizational Psychology at the University of Utrecht, conducted the research (Gorgievski, Bakker & Schaufeli 83). As members of the critical departments in the respective universities, they possess the necessary knowledge and experience to carry out this research about the human resource.
The authors researched in the backdrop of an inquiry about what determined the good performance of salaried employees and the self-employed. Their research's main aim was to promote knowledge of human resources, who are the stakeholders of this study. The research results influenced human resources by enlightening them that self-employed individuals had a higher work engagement and worked more excessively. Also, they ranked higher in motivational construct, task performance, and innovativeness, but ranked low in working compulsively. On the other hand, the salaried employees ranked lower in work engagement, working excessively, but ranked higher in working compulsively (Gorgievskia, Bakker& Schaufeli 91-93). Hence, through it, they gained practical knowledge on what to do to improve the performance of the salaried employees.
In my opinion, the article contains insightful information that I believe would be of benefit for the human resources department. The research has demonstrated that self-employed individuals have more passion at work and are highly motivated probably because they identify with the work they do, as their investment. On the other hand, it is clear that salaried individuals present minimal performance, perhaps because they look at their jobs as someone else's investment. Therefore, if the human resources practitioners can utilize the insights outlined in this research to motivate their employees to consider their work as self-employed individuals do, they can facilitate the improvement of commitment and consequently improved performance.
Article 10
Taylor Peter Shawn is a Roger Digital Media journalist who specializes in economic issues, particularly touching on compensation issues in the workplace. For instance, on Canada's overtime pay, the benefits of a little income inequality and benefits of an increase of temporary jobs for entry-level employees.
The article talks about overtime pay laws in Canada. These regulations affect employers the most as the primary stakeholders in this article. According to Taylor, in Canada, working overtime is considered taking care of business. The labor law states that an employee is supposed to work for 40-44 hours every week, whereby hours exceeding forty-four attracts overpay. Employers have always interpreted the law as only applying to employees paid hourly. The laws affect employers negatively as their failure to make a clear outline leads to employers such as KPMG and Scotiabank to incur a hefty price in millions settling lawsuits filed against them for failure to pay employees overtime, particularly the salaried employees that enjoy tremendous benefits (Taylor). It is with this trend that Taylor argues that these labor laws are outdated. Their lack of consistency over which employees should receive overtime pay leaves companies confused on what action to take. Moreover, their good-faith labor agreement with employees is now a subject of their prosecution by lawyers that specialize in class action suits. Thus, the work of an employer becomes delicate and prone to risks of lawsuits.
In my opinion, the Canadian laws on overtime are outdated as their failure to be cle...

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