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Management Essay: Craft Furniture Company (Essay Sample)


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Craft Furniture Company
Craft Furniture Company
Equal Employment Opportunity
Three State Discrimination Laws and Charge Statistics
Non-discrimination PolicyCraft Furniture Company
Craft Furniture Company, where I belong as a human resource director, is in the field of the manufacturing industry. We design and manufacture pieces of furniture for homes, offices, schools, and establishments. Among our creations are beds, cabinets, table sets, office tables, chairs, etc. We accept customized orders, bulk orders, and even solo orders. There are also ready-made pieces of furniture that walk-in customers can choose from. Customers can also look through our catalog for other designs that are not ready-made available.
Our company is based in Wisconsin and consists of 50 employees. Twenty people are in management, including me. We are assigned to different departments like human resources, accounting, planning/design, and head management. 30 of the 50 employees are in the manufacturing department. They craft and assemble the designs of the pieces of furniture. There are also sections in the manufacturing department like woodcraft, welding, and finishing.
Equal Employment Opportunity
In the business industry that we belong in, physical and mental skills are necessary. Physical skills deal with hard labor like lifting, assembling, and crafting. These tasks require workers to utilize their physical strength and control. Mental skills are more on works like designing, decision-making, and planning. Their mental strength is exercised more in the tasks they are assigned to do (Beerepoot, 2007).
Hiring skilled workers demands for a person's physical and mental capabilities whatever position is being applied for. Meeting the skills and/or requirement is enough to consider an applicant. However, biases and stereotypes are often part of the hiring process in some organizations (Rooth, 2010). For instance, in industries like manufacturing, men are often sought after by companies when it comes to physical labor. The mindset behind this is that men are more physically capable of heavy jobs than women. Age discrimination also happens in work, especially when a job description demands technological knowledge. Some companies would hire fresh graduates or applicants that belong to the technology age bracket for the belief that these applicants would be more knowledgeable of computers and machines.
More forms of discrimination happen in hiring employees, which involve race, sexuality, age, physical appearance, educational background, etc. (Rooth, 2010). Discrimination hindrances applicants to enter their desired job or company even if they meet the qualifications. In this case, companies lose potential skilled employees who may be efficient and dedicated to work. Equal employment opportunities must be practice in every company. This will not only avoid discrimination but will open opportunities for people as well as the company.
Federal laws on discrimination have existed to combat the problem in employment biases (U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, n.d.). Organizations need to be aware of these laws to...

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