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Compensation And Beneficial Services For All Type Of Victims (Essay Sample)


For this Discussion, select one of the victims in the Interactive Community. Then review your state’s compensation programs and identify services appropriate for that victim. If you do not live in the United States, review any compensation in your area of residence. Think about services not available in your state that might be beneficial for the victim. Finally, review compensation programs provided in other states to get ideas and make comparisons.

Then describe services available in your state for that type of victim. Explain the degree to which you think the services are adequate. Finally, explain any services not available in your state that might be beneficial for the victim.


Victim Services
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Victim Services
Have you ever thought of what rape case victims go through after being subjected to this brutal act? Well, I guess no. It is very disheartening listening to such stories from these victims. I got to follow up rape case that happened to a student at the Kansas state university. That was so much complicated as a student had brutally raped one of his classmates. In such case, the State offers compensation in catering for the medical bills, bills charged by professional therapists and the claim for physical charges incurred during the act.
All these compensations do exist, but there are a lot of challenges before getting them finally. The real question that arises after such an incident happens is on how one can start claiming the compensation, how much does one get for such compensations

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