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Research Assignment About World Port and Louisville City (Essay Sample)


What is Worldport, where is it located, and what is the average number of aircraft and packages serviced per day? Discuss the reasons why the facility is located in its current site and whether you think this decision was a wise investment with supported arguments.


World Port
World Port is the global air hub for UPS where UPS is the largest package delivery company in the world. The facility is situated at Louisville and is currently measuring 5.2 million square meters with a perimeter of 5.2 miles (United Parcel Service. 2015). It is capable of handling 416000 packages per hour, but it is anticipated that future expansion of the facility will allow the handling of over 500000 packages in an hour (Sullivan, 2013). The facility allows approximately 130 aircraft to be serviced in a day. Louisville, which is the largest city in Kentucky, has significantly benefited economically due to the creation of over 10000 jobs in the area as many companies have moved to the city to take advantage of the UPS facility. The facility has also made it possible for Louisville University students and Jefferson Community and College students to secure part time jobs since most of the work is done overnight.
Louisville city is strategically located. Reports indicate that two-thirds of US cities are less than 24hours from Louisville (Sullivan, 2013). Consequently, the location of the distribution center in Louisville becomes a wise investment because many companies will not refrain from choosing UPS to deliver their goods to their respective customers because they will feel that they will be delivered on time in most cities. The fact that the workforce in Louisville is relatively cheap due to many college students willing to work part time jobs also makes the location of the facility in Louisville a wise investment because UPS will not have to incur high costs on wages.
It is therefore conclusive to say that Worldport fa...
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