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Situational Changes in Relation to My Personality (Essay Sample)

I am a 25 year old male who came to the USA 3 years ago as a refugee. I came here to have a higher education because in my country, it was impossible for me to attend any university just because of my religion beliefs, and that is why I left my country. However,if I had been born 50 years earlier, the situation would be different because it is just 30 years that my religion is under the persecution due to a theocratic regime. These are the situational changes that might affect my life, but I don\\\\\\\'t have any idea about possible changes in my personality which is in the focus of this essay. The essay should demonstrates logical reasoning and the ability to evaluate information and opinions in a systematic, purposeful, and efficient manner. source..

Running Head: Situational Changes in Relation to My Personality
Situational Changes in Relation to My Personality
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Situational Changes in Relation to My Personality
With the current regime in power, rapid changes have been the norm in my country of origin. Being a refugee has made my personality change on the negative end. Had I lived 50 years back, I would still have the courage to tackle anything that comes my way in an efficient manner, diligently. In addition, I probably would have learned to be sociable to the people living around me. Unfortunately, as a result of the tensile situation, I have grown up to be nervous and inhibited by fear.
These negative personalities could not have been m...
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