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Communication Skill (Essay Sample)

i'll attach all the details. Greetings, the name of the movie is "first 50 dates" and please make sure it has to be from one source which is this book "interpersonal communication and human relationships".characters? Throughout your analysis, you will need to provide specific examples that demonstrate your responses to all 4 issues. Identify key communication concepts from the book (i.e., sound like a "communica¬tion specialist"), and support your claims with examples from the film. source..
Running Head: Communication Skill
Communication Skill
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Communication skills
Intercommunication between people and groups is very important in ensuring that a good relationship exists between the parties. Presently, globalization has made intercommunication an imperative tool guarantee that all the people from different backgrounds get along. Through movie, 50 First Date, directed by Peter Segal, one is able to understand the importance of intercommunication, how individuals get along irrespective of their background or the barriers. Barriers to communication limit the way people interact and this can make hinder some objectives not to be achieved. Taking into consideration the importance of good intercommunication between people, it is important to learn methods that can be employed to do away with those challenges. This essay focuses on how the characters in the movie develop their relationship that ends with the marriage between the protagonists. More so, there is a reference to four factors that affect protagonists` relationship in the movie.
In the movie, 50 First Dates, the main characters are Henry and Lucy. Lucy is a teacher who suffers from Goldfield Syndrome while Henry is a veterinarian who has a history of being a lover. From their first meeting, the two hit off and decide to meet the following day. The first impression created here is an initiating stage of their relationship whereby by agreeing to meet the following day, it is an impression that they are willing to know each other better. According to Knapp and Vangelisti (2005), this is an important point of relationship, which is employed to cement their future.
As time passes, Henry gets to love and get interested in knowing Lucy further irrespective of her memory problems. Both characters have a history that affects their bonding. For Henry, he has a history of having had sexual relationship with so many women and at this point of his life; he decides to dedicate his love life to Lucy. On the other side, Lucy only remembers the ev...
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