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The forecast for APUS Beach (Essay Sample)

The forecast for APUS Beach (fictional place, just made that up) is sunny with a high of 90F and low of 62F. The surf conditions are very light, with a water temperature of 75F. With a forecast like this, writer explain why you would have onshore flow (sea breeze) at 3pm and off shore flow (land breeze) at 3am. Take into account only the pressure gradient force when making your argument. source..
APUS BEACH AUTHOR NAME: UNIVERSITY: APUS BEACH A beach refers to an area with small loose rocks or a sandy shore that is usually beside a large body of water like a lake, sea or an ocean and is created by currents and waves. The sand and the small loose rocks are formed from the erosion of the larger rocks in the water body by the waves. APUS beach is sunny with a high of 90F and low of 62F.The surf conditions are very light with a water temperature of 75F. As the name suggests, sea breeze refers to the wind from the sea to the land. This is usually caused by the difference o...
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