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Reflection and Refraction of Light (Essay Sample)

Writer, follow the instructions on the uploaded document. PhysicsLab10.pdf source..

Physics Lab 10:
Reflection and Refraction of Light
Date of Submission
Case 1
Question One: Completing the Table
Air Water Index Refraction (Air)1.0003Index Refraction (Water)1.33Angle of Incidence (Degrees)Angle of Reflection (Degrees)Angle of Refraction (Degrees)1010.04.53030.022.14545.032.16060.040.68080.047.8
Question Two: Comparison between Angle of Incidence, Reflection, and Refraction
The Angle of Reflection equals the angle of Incidence through which the rays hit the boundary surface of the two media; water and air (Fendt, 2007). However, the relationship between the Angle of Reflection and the Angle of Refraction follows the following relationship:

Where nw represents the refractive index for water and na represents the refractive index for air and θa and θw are the Angles of Reflection and Refraction respectively. From the above formula;
The ratio between the refractive index of air to that of water = 1.33/ 1.0003 = 1.3296
Redrawing the table for the ratio of the Angles of Refraction and Angles of Reflection, we obtain
Angle of Incidence (Degrees)Angle of Reflection (Degrees)Angle of Refraction (Degrees)Ratio of  QUOTE   and  QUOTE  1010.04.52.21323030.022.11.32904545.032.11.33076060.040.61.33078080.047.81.3294From the table, other than the first experiment, the rest when rounded off to 2dp = 1.33 the ...
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