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Text and Image (Essay Sample)


Text and Image Visual artists work off of news events, personal feelings, or just observations, etc. This assignment gives a little better understanding of the process of creating art. 1. Read the poem (below) and state the 'images' or pictures you see. Do colors, shapes, objects or feelings come to mind? Run with those. You may have to internet search a few of the vocabulary words to get a fuller understanding. It may help you to jot down notes next to the lines in the poem. What images or impressions come to your mind? You must have at least five (5) ideas to submit for this assignment. See the following link or copy and paste the link if you are having difficulties understanding how to read poetry: 2. After you have read the poem Impressions by Stacey Burleson, write a list of your impressions and submit. Of course, you will add your comments or impressions. Impressions I am Baudelaire’s stroller, no I am Manet’s flaneur, living on the outskirts of society, hiding from crowds viewing spectacles. I am the red sash in Music in the Tuileries Gardens a bright color spot among faceless many. I am a Friedrich’s Ruckenfigur, back turned as I look toward the sublime. I am a Humanities Instructor teaching about ancient sand, dreaming about brown land. No, an English Instructor, an Adjunct with an invisible “A” engraved upon my chest. I am “the white box” of an application form No, wait! I am Welsh, French and Scottish: with the wail of a bagpipe, the hint of calliope in my soul I am the strongest link, an aunt and a sister I am the weakest link, the last of my line. Stacey M. Burleson ©2005

Text and Image
Text and Image
Indeed love can be communicated in a number of ways other than by the use of words. As seen from the poem, Impressions by Stacy Burleson. She clearly paints love with a numerous images, images of different of colors and shapes. She depicts her images in a way that is the most poetic in nature with different scenes that depict the various atmospheres surrounding the writer at that time.
The writer uses the images of earlier artists like Baudelai...
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