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TASK 1,TASK2 or TASK3 essay Page 772 (Essay Sample)

Refer to page 772 in your textbook. Choose Task 1, Task 2, or Task 3 to complete for this assignment. Your assignment should be 1-2 pages in length. Make sure to save your assignment as a Word (.doc) document and submit as an attachment below. source..
"Women" By Alice Waller Name: Institution: Analyzing the use of structure in the poem. The poet introduces African American women who, with pride and determination pursued their rights not just for their own benefits but also for the good of the future generations. They are willing to go to any extent and use everything at their disposal to achieve their goals as the poet says, "with fists as well as hands;. This is to show the determination of their hearts. Alice (the poet), praises the women for their hard work and determination, their focus, and selflessness. The poem is addressing today`s generation reminding them of what their mothers went through for them to enjoy the world`s freedom (Muhau, 2012). To successfully...
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