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Aboriginal Women and the Media (Essay Sample)

Instruction:read all material first. Be specific rather than general in your answer. Think and assess diverse aspects of the question. Respond from the readings rather than whether you agree or disagree, unless you are sure it adds to the paper. There is no ‘correct' answer, as there are many ways to answer the questions. The answer is not a summary of the topic. The papers need to be well structured, clear, precise and well written. Plan the paper to avoid rambling. Avoid words and phrases such as: in my opinion, in the readings the author said, it could be said that, that the topic is too large to discuss adequately... etc. Please check spelling and grammar.!!!!! Each assignmen must be typed, double spaced and in a readable font. Cover sheets are not required Online sources ONLY!!! Aboriginal Women in Canada 1) Watch Finding Dawn video -‐ NFB film -­‐ 73 minutes http://vodpod(dot)com/watch/2433216-­‐finding-­‐dawn-­‐by-­‐christine-­‐welsh-­‐nfb 2) Native Women's Association of Canada www(dot)nwac(dot)ca/ Have a look around. 3) Amnesty International: No More Stolen Sisters, http://www(dot)amnesty(dot)ca/amnestynews/upload/AMR200122009.pdf? Question: What are three main reasons why the situation of Aboriginal women in Canada is rarely in the news? source..
Aboriginal Women and the Media
Poverty, racism and marginalization are the three key factors which coincide with one another that contribute to the inadequate reporting of the situation of the indigenous women in Canada CITATION Amn09 \l 1033 (Amnesty International, 2009). Racism and marginalization themselves are the factors that beget and exacerbate the economic problem that exists with the indigenous women. With the lack of inequality concerning the rights of the indigenous people, the natural physical disadvantage of women against physical attempts of aggression, and the kind of job that indigenous women usually engage in, indigenous women in Canada are prone to being violated.
The socioeconomic status of aboriginal women in Canada makes them prone to engage in prostitution CITATION Wel06 \l 1033 (Welsh, 2006). Prostitution is a job that requires no monetary capital and the revenues are relatively high for those in the lower socioeconomic class. With the ease of engaging in this job plus the rewards, the women ...
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