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A Doll House (Essay Sample)

Check the attached folder for the information about the essay. I want you to write Topic number 3. Which is compare the relationship between Mrs. Linde...etc. and provide me with the MLA in-text citation and a work cited page in the end. If you need my account and password to my universities library database for the sources, please e-mail me. source..
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Introduction.Authored by Henrik Ibsen, A Doll House [originally Et dukkehjem in Norwegian] has got three acts. Henrik Ibsen wrote the work as a support for women`s rights. While addressing the Norwegian Women`s Right League in 1898, Ibsen stated that he was honored to work for women rights movement. His work has however, been criticized not to work for women`s rights, rather the work is all about people trying to find their identity and working hard to makes sure that they realize who they are. The book showed the Marriage norms that were present during the time (Krutch 9). It was criticized as a result, for scandalizing the marriage institution (William 1). Whatever the reason for the work, one theme that cannot escape the mind of a reader is that of relationships. The characters in the play demonstrate different kind of relationships in their marriages. How did Henrik Ibsen succeed in portraying relationships in his play "A Doll House?" Particularly how did he portray relationship by comparing Nora and Torvald`s relationship to Mrs. Linde and Krogstad`s relationship? This can only be understood by examining the specific instances in the play.
The relationship between Nora and Torvald and Relationship between Mrs. Linde and Krogstad offer the two sides of a love relationship with each portraying unique and valuable lessons.Torvald'slow opinion of his wife offers a glimpse of a failed relations ship while Krogstad offers a great case for healthy wife-husband relationship.Relationship between Nora and Torvald.From the play [Act two]; it is obvious the type of relationship that exists between Nora and Torvald. Nora is exemplified as a character that lacks independence. Everything she does is pegged on Torvald. What Torvald thinks and, the movements he makes, are mirrored by Nora. She is displayed as a puppet. The control exhibited by Torvald over Nora is one of a physical mature. This is exemplified in the play in Act Three when Torvald teaches Nora the tarantella. On her part, Nora uses this opportunity to get close to Torvald in a bid to relearn the dance. Any reader would agree that this was an act by Nora, and it has the effect of showing how submissive Nora is to Torvald. The physical control seeps in when Torvald teaches her the dance in Act two. She exclaims:Nora: Terribly nervous. Let me run through it now.There is still time before supper.Come and sit here and play for me, Torvald dear.Tell me what to do,Keep me right -as you always do
Torvald: Certainly with pleasure,If that is what you want…Torvald: Not so wild, NoraTorvald: Now, now, not so wild and excitable! Let me see youbeing my own little singing bird again…Torvald: Stop…This is sheer madness. Stop, I say. (Lecture Notes 57).This shows that Torvald is more interested in Nora physically than emotionally.
He is of the idea that Nora as his wife has got an obligation to pleasure him physically...
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