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Smoking effects; Canadian identity - two short assignment summaries (Essay Sample)

chapter 13 of the rhetroric defines and illustrates a summary. carefully read chapter 4 ,6 and 13 and do the warm up exercieses below, you should then be fully prepared for your assignment in this unit. for this unit, you must write two short summaries of no more than twelve sentence each. chapter 13 provides a sample summary of the Right stuff as well as tips to help you identify the thesis and central ideas in a reading. it also gives steps to a successful summary. you will notice that the sample summary of the right stuff uses three short paragraphs . you may decide to summarize the reading that you select for this assignment in one paragraph each, however, avoid using more than three paragraphs per summary, as your writting for such a short assignment will then be too choppy and fragmented. also, remember to write your summary in the literary present tense and , since a summary should no reflect your opinion, to keep your tone neutral. Choose the two readings to summarize from list A and list B (p.52). source..
Short summaries assignment Name: Institution: Date: Short summaries assignment Smoking effects Many Albertans are indulged in the pleasures of lighting a cigarette. I admit that I was once an addict of cigar this was to the ignorance of the fact that over thirty three thousand (33,000) Albertans are losing their lives because of smoking –related illnesses and diseases in every year. Many people perish because of ignorance and others because of lack of knowledge (Booth, 1983). Thousands of people are dying from smoking related diseases because of the ignorance of the fact that cigar smoking is harmful to human health. You may tend to defend your habit by giving examples of other individuals who have lived long life despite the fact that they smoked cigar. You may have witnessed a person perhaps your father or even a close friend who have lived as cigar smoker all and they have never been admitted into hospital for smoking related diseases. This should not be a reason for you to continue smoking because many others are dying of the same all over the world. At times you give reasons such as your rights and your country as a free country where you are allowed to partake whatever pleases you. However, you will realize the pain of smoking when your mother or wife dies from a smoking related disease and affect you and affect you and everyone else around you. Smoking has numerous effects that not only affects you the smoker but als...
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