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Should Gay Couples be Able to Marry? (Essay Sample)


English 103 Essay 3: Mediatory Essay
Mediate the positions of two groups that hold opposing viewpoints on a focused issue. Your role will be that of a third person, a fairly neutral observer who will make a sincere effort not only to examine both sides of the issue (research) but also to demonstrate genuine understanding for the views of both sides (empathy). Write an essay in which you argue for a compromise position, arriving at a mutually agreeable solution.
To find some common ground, open the lines of communication, and make progress toward a solution. Hence,
you must acknowledge any bias you have and remain open to the interests of others;
you must find a position/solution that accommodates at least some of the concerns of both sides;
you must analyze the arguments/evidence on both sides and from that construct a solution;
you will not aim to prove either side right or wrong but will try to understand the similarities and differences in thought, and address them intelligently, with empathy and with respect.
Word count: 800-1,000
Sources: Minimum of four. Your research should at this point move exclusively toward scholarly texts—books and journals alike—providing new ways of seeing the issue. This essay must incorporate a minimum of four scholarly sources.


Gay couples marriage
Marriage is conceptually defined as a legal relationship between a husband and wife. Besides the religious rationale of marriage, the secular society argument for limiting marriage to opposite sex is purely on the basis of procreation since they only can engage in procreation. Based on both perspectives, religious and the procreation perspectives, the notion of same sex marriage is surrounded with controversies. However, several arguments have been raised challenging the validity of the two strongest arguments against gay marriage -- religious and procreation. This paper discusses the controversial question on whether gay couples should be allowed to enter in a union leading to marriage.
Argument against gay marriage
The standoff between those for gay marriage as a civil right and those against gay marriages is highly propagated by religious views. Homosexuality unites leaders of the world’s faiths as one of the biggest topics that directly affect religions. Most of the world’s major religions hold the opinion that homosexuality at any level is sexual misconduct (Robert P. George).
The most popular argument against homosexuality and gay marriage is the claim that it undermines the institution of marriage. Several polls on homosexuality and gay marriage reveal that the main reason behind the opposition by many people is that it is naturally wrong and violates their religious beliefs. Basically, religious perspective focuses on two aspects; undermining of marriage institution and the moral perspective.
When God created sex, it was primarily meant for procreation. So it is wrong to engage in non-procreative sex. For instance, in Judaism, Onan who sleeps with his dead brother’s wife is slain by God for “spilling the seed on the ground” – an indication of disapproval. The Catholics and the Islam excoriates sexual acts that do not confine sex to the act of giving life and even goes further to include recreational sex.
Morally, homosexuality as well as gay marriages are said to be unnatural. Man and woman are complementary in the sexual capacity and a different setup is equated to blasphemy to the creator. Pro same-sex-marriage is also bashed by secularist by the claim that marriage is basically for procreation purposes. Gay marriage does not have the capacity to engage in such a union (Robert P. George).
Same sex marriage is also seen as undermining the traditional marriage. Marriage is a symbol that represents our cultural ide...
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