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Virginia Woolf (Movie Review Sample)


Watch the video (link below). Write 4 paragraphs. Remark on what you learned about the following: Virginia Woolf's childhood, the Bloomsbury years, her marriage to Leonard Woolf and the founding of Hogarth Press, her relationship with Vita Sackville-West, her literary success, and the beginning of the Second World War and Woolf's death.


Virginia Woolf
Virginia Woolf
Virginia Woolf was born in London in the year 1882 and lived to be a renowned English author, novelist, biographer and feminist in terms that are more specific. As a youngster, Virginia was educated at home by her father, unlike her brothers who were sent to prominent schools in England at the time. Her father, Leslie Stephen was also a famous English author. Woolf was raised during a time when ‘Victorian Literature' dominated the English society. As a child, she demonstrated key interest in this English literature that was visible by her kith and kin.
Woolf had quite a number of siblings as her mother had three children from her previous marriage before she met her father who had a daughter out of wedlock. Together, Woolf's parents had four children. While still young, however, Woolf spent more time in St. Ives, Cornwall compared to London. Memories accumulated over this period in her life later contributed greatly to her writing albeit a good number of them revolving over negative experiences like sexual abuses on her by her stepbrothers.
Since the passing of Woolf's mother at age 13, her stepbrothers repeatedly abused her sexually and this resulted in her experiencing emotional breakdowns. Later on, her father died in 1904 when she was in her early 20s and the family moved to Bloomsbury, where Woolf manifested in her writing career. It was then when she earned the status of professor at the Morley College and encountered a range of breakthroughs in her professional and personal life. Her social life also flourished at the time since her house became a gathering place of young people interested in literatu...
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