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Scholarship (Essay Sample)

HI, I'm in dental school and I need to write an essay on the topic Why I should be considered for scholarship aid" inclusding a brief description of your acomplishment/leadership activities withing the school and community. So I attached some info that should be include on the essay like I'm member of the National Hispanic dental association, my comunities hours, my goals as a future dentist. etc... if u have any question please contact me. thanks for ur help. Being a Dentist is a profession that allows me to serve others in a personal way. I chose this career because I care about the needs of our community, reaching out to people with a high commitment to give the best possible treatment and care to those in need. There is a big difference between being a dentist, with knowledge, and a dentist with compassion. While knowledge and skills are a major factor in being a successful dentist being able to relate to the patient enables a dentist to be in good standing with their patients, as well as, in the community itself. As a dentist I would be able to help those in need by offering various flexible payment plans, free treatment to those who do not have access to a dentist, flexible hours, and volunteer to serve as a resource to the community. It is this passion that gives me the strong drive and deeper desire to accomplish higher standards in my professional career. This scholarship would help me financially to supplement and pay towards my education . It would help me pay for groceries and rent so that I may focus my time on studying. Being able to cover all the expenses of my education will help my family tremendously and make my parents proud. Just as Hispanic Dental Association dedicates to help Hispanic students to fulfill their dreams, I commit my life to helping others and to advancing society\\\'s level of understanding. the Hispanic Dental Association which is one of the America's most dynamic organizations committed to improve the Hispanic community oral health. It works with a wide range of individuals to enhance education and research to better train the Hispanic dental professionals along with the community about the oral issues specific to the Hispanic community. Being a member of the Hispanic Dental Association give me the possibility to help our Hispanic community with passion and inspiration. I will have to conduct my professional life in accordance with the ethical principles: competence, tolerance, compassion, integrity, caring, with the obligation to benefit others because to be a good dentist is very important to perceive the necessity of integrity and honesty. As a good Hispanic, it is my biggest desire to be able to care about the needs of the Hispanic community and try to give the best possible treatment and care to those in need. In life we should pursue things in a manner that will be a reflection of what and who we are and what we like to be. It should have characteristics similar to our own. This, to me, is the starting point in thinking how I will help improve our communities when I finish my career. I would like to keep on growing as a professional and as a human being in order to serve the Hispanic community. As a dentist, I can extent my office hours to provide the patient with a flexible and convenient schedule, as well as to provide preventive care to those who do not have access to a dentist in order to enhance the oral health of the Hispanic community. I expect to keep my commitment by doing several researches that will improve the educational process for our communities. I hope to provide guidance, support and motivation for those in need. Furthermore, I will donate a portion of my wages through scholarships to a student whose family finds themselves financially unstable. Just as Hispanic Dental Association dedicates to help Hispanic students to fulfill their dreams, I commit my life to helping our communities in the best possible way. I did community hours at Improving Life Home health care and Best solution home health care where I had the opportunity to assist providing counseling to patients and their families. Clients in home care are increasingly old and frail with multiple services needs . Appropriate services supplied at the right time will help older people to manage in activities of daily life and therefore support their living at home. It was very rewarding experience because I had the opportunity to Manage the hygiene and elimination of the patient through adequate health care assistance, Assist with nutrition and hydration , assist with mobility to promote circulation. Services should be based on the principle that older people deserve appreciation and their right to self-determination must be respected while meeting their individual needs. source..
I am kindly requesting for consideration for the scholarship aid and I believe that in I merit being granted the chance. I am very passionate about helping the less fortunate in the society. I would not like others suffering the same fate as me and that is why I will use my skills in dentistry to provide the best healthcare services possible and help the poor and deprived. If granted the scholarship, the opportunity will allow me to passionately serve those who are unable to access dental care. Since my parents cannot sufficiently cater for my education, the scholarship will be very helpful in supplementing my fee so that I accomplish my dream of becoming a renowned dentist.
I am a member of the National Hispanic dental association, a body which is dedicated to help the students to fulfill their dreams. I will use the scholarship opportunity to promote the or...
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