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Issue of Invasive Species (Essay Sample)

You will complete an assignment on Blackboard related to biogeography (a topic in your textbook, but will not be covered in lecture). Attached is a New York Times article related to the issue of invasive species. After reading the article, you will answer the questions at the end of the article and post your repsonses on the Blackboard Forum Invasive Speices. In addition, you will need to find an additional article and post the link to the article along with a paragraph summary on the second Blackboard Forum Invasive Species Article. i will send the writer id & password for blackboard source..

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(27, November 2010)
Issue of Invasive Species
White pine blisters, and the Native pine bark beetle
Question 2
The blister rust is a disease that appears like an orange patch on a tree. It is now presenting a threat as it is just a new challenge to the pines, as a result, bristlecone have not adopted. In addition, there is little that can be done to stop its progress as it moves from one mountain range to another, as airborne spores. However, infected branches can be pruned, but that is not always effective. Moreover, Blister rust is extremely virulent (Jim, 2010).
Question 3
The oldest bristlecone pine 3,000 years old Scientists explain the species extreme longevity basing on the reason that they have they have a conservative approach. The rising temperatures affect this species in a manner that would work against the tree. Due to this effect of raising temperature, the growth rate has increased, as over the past 50 years
Question 4
The population of native pine bark beetles has exploded, as there is no cold winter weather. The climate change is giving raise to a mortality rate far high than normal death rates. Another reason is that, the availability of aged pine trees, they majorly attack old pines, (Jim, 2010).
Question 5
Scientists are finding the few trees that are resistan...
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