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Research ethics form (Essay Sample)

I would like to get the same writter who wrote my research essay(20857) because she or he wrote my research proposal and only she or he can answer for these questions.Also I would like to work with him or her in my future research paper too. Additional Message Hi! You wrote my research proposal so I need your help to fill it up the form I mean answer for the question. Only need 3 or 4 sentence or less except the I think page 5,6 you have to write a little more sentences. Anyway I tried to copy some of the question what I don't know what I should answer it. Also in the future I would like if you do my final paper what will be the same. I have to fill it up this research essay form what I upload it to you. Some of the question we don't have to answer and also some of it only I know. I upload it to you every help ,information. You cannot save the form I just uploaded for you because I have to fill it up after you answered some of the questions. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any concern or questions. I already fill it up the page 1,2,3,4,7,8,9, 10,11,18,19 I know there are some pages what we don't have to answer it since we are not interviewing people. We are not interact people we cannot speak with them etc. We are only observing . I send it to you the explanation why we have to fill it up this form. We have to you or refer the tri council document what is help for researchers to be ethical don't harm people etc. I hope I was clear enough if not please contact with me. source..
8. a)
The purpose:
The purpose of this study outline various factors that are making St. Laurent Starbuck café to flourish even after showing interest in moving to funeral homes, yet the Canadians perceive funeral homes too sacred, hence shy away from it.
HO: The environment at St. Laurent Starbucks café is favorable.
HO: customers are treated with the highest respect at St. Laurent Starbuck café.
HO: different demographic groups are perceived the same at Starbucks.
HO: people come to St. Laurent Starbuck café intentionally.
* To evaluate the environment at St. Laurent Starbucks café.
* To evaluate the level of respect accorded to St. Laurent Starbucks.
* To evaluate the perception of various demographic groups towards St. Laurent Starbucks.
* To establish the intentions that brings people to St. Laurent Starbuck café.
8. b)
Data collection will take place through personal observation. This implies that I will fully participate in the research without informing members of any social group of the reasons of my pretence. As an effect, the research will be carried out in secret, in other terms covertly. However, I will contact the café manger, who will act as a gatekeeper, and will introduce me to the group the café.
8. c
Number of participant:100 people
Age group:(18-60) years
Gender: all genders
Affiliations: Canadians
Other Characteristics: social classes, by looking at whether driving or not
8. d
The research involves all groups of people, no one will be excluded.
8. e
9. Recruitment
a). Research will take place at St Laurent Starbucks, and participants will be those visiting the cafe.
b). Participants will not be notified in any way
12. Risks and Benefits
Selecting a study area around my area not far from where I stay is the strategy I will employ in reducing tiredness as a r...
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