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Bioethics (Essay Sample)

please answer the following two questions.List all sources used in preaparing your answer.the format should be 12 font,single space,Times new roman,one inch margins,page Question 1) Do we own our body parts and bodily fluids? Do we own our own genes? In your view, should we have a property right that is alienable? How does this discussion affect issues of autonomy and public interest in the abortion debate? A complete answer would integrate the Moore v. Regents case and discuss property rights issues in gene patenting and organ donation, both before and after death. Question 2)Should the pharmaceutical industry be run as a business or a service? Should it be concerned with issues of equity in access to pharmaceutical products, cost-cutting for patients in developing countries, development of orphan drugs for small numbers of beneficiaries, or removal of patent exclusivity for products desperately needed? In your view, what can be done to make the pharmaceutical industry more profitable? More socially and medically responsible? source..

The debate on whether we own our body fluids and organs has been an alarming issue that has been contributed by the advancing and modern technology and the continuing progress in medical science. As day`s progresses, there are several cases where it is uncertain as to whom has the assets privileges of body fluids, cells or organs. In such case, the questions on ownership tend to shell in cases where body fluids and organs are no longer located to the person`s body. The stipulation to hand over ownership of bodily essence suggests that we have permanently entered an age that necessitates examination of our understanding of the legal rights and relationships in the human body and the human cell.
According to Charo 1517, he believes that if there is anything in the world that a person own is their body and any element associated with it. But this has been different as the right has become more uncertain when dealing with expunged bodily resources that are often used in laboratory trying. In other cases, Doctors take advantage of the patients and do cell transplant without the patient concept hence violating human rights over ownership and privacy (Hughes, 2002).
The issue on whether we own our own fluids and tissues can be well analyzed in the case between Moore v. and his doctor David. In this case, Moore was requested to contribute to research by the doctor a request that they denied and on the contrary, the doctor went ahead and get Moore`s exceed spleen ware used by Golde and his research colleges to develop a cell line. This action did not gratify Moore and he decided to sue the members of the research, but things did not end up per their wish since biotechnology law overweighed the court and the need to discover new things made it possible for science to be respected.
Although an adult has the right to decide whether to contribute to medical treatment or not, we may say that we own our body parts, and...
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