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Bioethics (Research Paper Sample)

PLEASE, PLEASE.... FIND ME THE BEST WRITER. THIS PAPER HAVE 80% of MY FINAL EXAM. List all sources used in preparing your answers. Please observe the honor code. The format should be 12pt font, Times New Roman print, one-inch margins, page numbers, and single-spaced. . source..

Question one
Studying and practicing medicine involve a number of legal and ethical issues, which revolve around the relationship all the parties concerned have with their environment. It is on this that graduating medical students or physicians takes Hippocratic Oath as a declaration of their intentions to practice medicine justly, honestly and ethically. It is a ceremonial nonobligatory oath with a promise to give the best in delivery of service. It is a historical oath widely believed to have been written either by Hippocrates who is seen as the father of western medicine or by one of his students (Miles, 2004). The oath has undergone a number of translations, modifications, and modernization but has withstood it and not lost meaning. The oath is made up of promises, declaration, covenants, and commitments.
There are five commitments in the Hippocratic Oath in, its modern version states, “I swear to fulfill to the best of my ability and judgment” (Miles, 2004). This is a covenant by doctors and physicians to utilize the best of their knowledge and judgment in fulfilling their medical duty (Miles, 2004). The second commitment acknowledges the hard-won scientific gains and appreciates the teachers who affected it on them. It is a covenant helpful to the teachers and to pass gladly the knowledge to those who follow. The third commitment is, “To ensure utilization of dietary regimens that gains patients as per my crucial capacity and decision, and I will hurt no one” (Miles, 2004). This is a commitment to apply all measures required for the best interest of the sick.
The fourth one states, “I will restrain from any toxic drug to someone in case I am not requested, nor will I recommend a scheme of that sort; and correspondingly, to a woman I will not offer a pessary that may lead to abortion” (Miles, 2004). This entails embracing ethical and human values when handling drugs, medical facts, and patients and undertaking the necessary roles (Miles, 2004), the fifth obligation comprises undertaking duties and keeping ones truthfulness in a lawful manner (Miles, 2004), is yet another commitment. This is a commitment to leave complex medical situations to more skilled and experienced colleagues. “To any family I visit, I will approach them to patient’s advantage, with no voluntary deed of indecency corruption or men and women seduction, regardless of whether they are attached or slaves” (Miles, 2004), is also a commitment. This is a covenant to keep the privacy of all details of patients within or without the profession. “I much as keep the Oath truthfully and in the absence of any misappropriation, can it given to me to oversee life entirely bad exercise my art, achieving men’s respect throughout. Neither, must I disobey the Oath and infringe it, can the contrary be my fate” (Miles, 2004). This is the last commitment; this commitment pulls the personnel accountable ...
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