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Evaluate a Process for Making Decisions (Essay Sample)

1.Strategic issues for projects should be identified before starting a project. However, new issues will emerge as the project progresses. A well-run project will have a process or processes for efficiently and effectively identifying and managing strategic issues. Demonstrate your understanding of this idea by completing the following exercise. 2.Using the Web and other venues of your choice, search for a process for identifying strategic issues and making decisions about it. 3.Using a project of your choice, use the process from Step 1 to identify three or more strategic issues and to make decisions about at least one of those issues. 4.Write about the results of the previous steps. In the paper, describe: ¡The process ¡The project and its strategic issues ¡The effectiveness of the process when applied to the issue(s) you identified ¡Your opinion on why the process was or was not effective source..

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Strategic decisions and issues are paramount terms that imply the action taken and commitment of resources that affects the survival and health of an organization. The consideration of high levels of uncertainty and potential synergies at different points enhance the process of creating and evaluation and implementation of strategic decisions and this calls for all stakeholders to be involved to engage in the negotiation about the strategic decision under consideration. The strategic issues which are the fundamental policy choices or challenges have to be addressed for the community to achieve its goals. These issues form the foundation by which strategies are to be developed.
The process of strategic decision involves designing a project that will help the general public in response to a new situation. The decision concerns typically the mission of the project, product mix, cost and management of a project. A public health care project entails for the strategies to be applied to the project and the function to the project. There are various steps to be followed for the heath care project to be effective. Structuring of decision making process enhances the identification and resolving of important issues that relate to the project. The development of an initial agreement to the strategic planning shows the purpose and steps in the process (The Board Role in Strategic Thinking and Planning, 2012). This enhances the functioning and coordination of committee and their role in the process. After the initial mission of the project is identified, its mandate is clarified as these impose the formal and informal mandates, which elucidate the internal and external environments.
Mission value and goals are developed as they form the tandem of its mandate with respect to justification of is existence to the society (Bryson, 1988). The analysis of the stakeholders enables crafting of mission statement. This analysis identifies th...
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