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i"ll attach the details! HISTORY: HOMINID EVOLUTION source..
HISTORY: HOMINID EVOLUTION Name: Grade Course: Tutor`s Name: (16, May, 2011) 1.) Define and explain natural selection Natural selection is a process whereby the biological traits become less or more dominance in the population due to effect that consistently affects their survival or the production of their bearers. This builds a key evolution mechanism. Through natural selection, they cause a genetic variation within the population of the organisms that may cause some o the individuals to survive and reproduce more successfully than the others. Charles Darwin developed factors that affect the reproductive success which are important in developing the idea of sexual selection (Darwin, 1995). Natural selection acts as the observable characteristics of an organism. However, genetic basis of any phenotype offers a reproductive advantage that becomes more conspicuous in the population(Darwin, 1995). This with time result in adaptation process where specialized population of specialized ecological niche may bring rise to new specie, this makes natural selection to be an important process where evolution takes place within organism population, It is opposed to artificial selection where human favors specific traits as it offers selection by itself ensuring certain characteristics with certain variations are the one that are left in the environment Charles Darwin initially introduced natural selection theory in 1859 in his book Origin of Species. According to this theory, a population of animal that has been given presents a wide variety of traits. If an animal develop a trait that it to survive, it will most likely pas the trait to the future generation. This makes the trait to be more dominant in the population and in the successive generations breed. This eventually may lead to development of a new emergence of species with time. Using hominid evolution as example explain how natural selection is applied and understood to account for change over time Natural selection can be well cited in the hominid evolution where by in chimpanzee society, a child would not know who his father was as the females had multiple partners. At this early human culture, females were choosing their partners for procreation from their own discretion. Therefore, this made the male o form hi allegiance with his next generation through his sister but not from his own progeny. In chimpanzee, the bond of intimacy move through the mother. Outside a lush environment, a hominid female had a difficult time in bringing the child to maturity (Darwin, 1995). The evidence shows that in the periods of great climatic change the ancestors made a great physical and societal evolution. Therefore, it seen that the humanity may have originated during the time of food scarcity where the female choose the male which was capable of providing food to the community. This made the female ensure that community that emerged was inclined towards provision. This made the female choose these males for procreation partner. Therefore, this made the male to ensure that the hominid children never go hungry. Chimp`s behavior can be used to show how the female were used to choose their copulation partner where this theory starts falling in place. However, the bonobo chimpanzees were different species of apes. With them, females were more dominant than their male counterpart was in their social structure. In this species, sex was a more interpersonal characteristic than in any other mammal. The male looked more cooperatively living with the females than in chimps. Males are more attracted towards children. Otherwise, they also do not know their paternity just like the other chimps. However, the evolutional relationship between the bonobo and chimpanzee shows heterochronic trajectory. T...
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