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Predictive policing (Essay Sample)

Discuss the technologies utilized in Crime Analysis (predictive policing) that have changed in the past decade. Also assess improvements of predictive policing that will come with increased reliance on technology. source..
PREDICTIVE POLICING Name: Grade Course: Tutor`s Name: (28th June, 2012) Predictive Policing Predictive policing is a law enforcement-based strategy that brings together advanced technologies, predictive analysis, criminological theory, and tactical operations that ultimately lead to results and crime reduction. To implement predictive policing, the following steps have to be incorporated. First, there has to be Data integration for the purposes of identification, locating and securing data sources that are important to determining potential victims and likely crime locations. There is also need for reliable hardware and software. Procurement and cost analysis form the third step in the process. In particular, there is need to document the procurement requirements. Finally, there must be Testing and evaluation. The invention of the P.C. (personal computer) and crime mapping software effectively transformed crime analysis as a profession. Homeland security challenges are now leading to more sophisticated technology solutions and attention to improved analysis, but ultimately, basic technologies still remain the core tools that are vital in professional crime analysis. Let us now, more importantly, look at the technology used in crime analysis and specifically in predictive policing and its development over the last ten years. The technology used can be as complex as a relational database or as simple as a card file. Several specific types of software prove valuable for analysis: spreadsheets, databases, geographic information systems and other related software immediately come to mind. Analysts must therefore have capable P.C.s (in terms of both hardware and software) and reliable connection to the computer systems where the information databases reside. It`s important for the department to have a quality communications backbone and a records management system (RMS). For example, at the (LPD) Lincoln Police Departmen...
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