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Investigative Report (Essay Sample)

Investigative Report Background One of the most critical skills for a criminal investigator is the ability to communicate effectively in writing. Written investigative reports are reviewed by fellow investigators, prosecutors, defense attorneys, and others. A poorly written report can be embarrassing to investigators and their agencies. It can also ultimately affect the outcome of criminal cases. Project Assignment As a criminal investigator, you are provided with two images (scene 1 and scene 2) of the same crime scene, one more detailed and focused than the other. (The figure represents a deceased male human; the stain proximal to the head is dried human blood.) Based only on the visual information available in the two images provided, you will compose a comprehensive investigative report, which should include a comprehensive overview of the crime scene indicators of potential criminal act(s) materials and items to be collected as potential evidence (e.g., the corpse) and their potential evidentiary value initial follow-up investigative steps to determine if a crime has been committed what crime(s) have been committed who is responsible for the crimes Note: Given the limited information available, some speculation is required. However, such speculation should be reasonably and logically connected to the information provided in the images. Grading for this project will be based on the comprehensiveness of your crime scene description your description of evidentiary materials the thoroughness of your investigative plan the clarity and efficiency of your writing Review of this project will help the instructor determine your ability to communicate effectively across a wide variety of stakeholders apply sound knowledge of administration, leadership, and organizational principles to a law enforcement agency demonstrate the ability to apply appropriate discretion in decision making @ source..

Investigative Report
University Introduction
Scene 1 is a detailed crime scene in which murder seems to have occurred. There is the dead body with blood on the head and a gun net to it. The basic rule of criminal investigation seems to have been followed, which involves photography of the crime scene (Turvey, 2002, p. 59). Scene 2 is not much detailed but it is related to Scene 1. For example, the person standing in Scene 2 is the same with the dead body in Scene 1. In addition, the gun present in the two scenes is the same. However, it is not clear whether the gun was used to execute the crime (murder). There was an ambush or an attack in which the victim tried to defend himself but it was too late and he was shot in the head. The essay is an investigative report that details a comprehensive overview of the scene of the crime, indicators of potential criminal act (s), materials and items to be collected as potential evidence, initial follow-up investigative steps whether a crime has been committed, crimes that have been committed, and people responsible for the crimes.
Investigative Report
Scene 1 presents more information of the crime than Scene 2. There seems to be execution of murder through a gunshot. The corpse lying in Scene 1 has been shot in the head and dry blood on the head is evidence. The victim did not shoot himself because the gun is nowhere near his hands. It seems as if he was attacked and before he got the gun to defend himself, he was shot in the head. Scene 2 shows that the gun was initially on the wall but in Scene 1, the gun is on the fall. In Scene 2 the victim was the only person captured by the camera. This shows that the gun at the crime scene is his. This depi...
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