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Picture And One Story: The Metamorphosis By Franz Kafka (Essay Sample)


Please read one short story named "The Metamorphosis" by Franz Kafka, and see one picture.
Asking these questions:
How does this picture exemplify the themes, style, and mood of the Short Story that you have chosen?
How does this picture portray the setting and characters of the Short Story that you have chosen?
What plot point does this picture showcase? Why did you choose that moment from the Short Story that you have chosen? Why is this moment important to examine?


The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka
The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka
The picture shows a vivid expression of the theme of absurdity in life. In the image, it is clear that there is some element of a chaotic setting. This is a representation of the kind of disorder that there is life. On the floor are items strewn all over; books and toys. On the bed is the bug that represents Gregor. This is a representation of the kind of absurdity that is in life where most of the time not many things are in order. This is an aspect that is also seen in the story when Gregor turns into a giant insect in his bed. His family is constantly considering throwing him out the house and he is also seen to scare visitors. It is suggestive of a word that functions without order and even justice.
There is also the element of the representation of style that used by the author in the story. ideally the fact that Gregor has turned into a bug is ironic. This means that he can no longer to go work and he cannot make a living for his family. In the image, he is seen to have a hard shell and short legs. This means that he cannot even use most of the items that he has in his room. He even seen to struggle with opening the door and turning in bed within the story. These are reflected in the image where he is seen to simply be seating on the bed without the abilities that he had a person.
It also illustrates a sad mood, considering that he seems surprised by his new features. Waking into a body of a bug can be scary. He will not be in a position to carry out most of his daily activities. From the image, he seems scared by the body that he finds himself in. This is rather sad, as he has not even gotten over the fact that his body has changed.
The picture is a perfect representation of the chaos that is in Gregor’s life. In the image, the setting is showing Gregor seated on the bed scared, with objects strewn all over the room. This is a representation of the disorder that comes to his life. It is a reflection of the struggles that Gregor has to deal with in his life.
In the case of the plot point that the picture showcases, the struggles that he has when he wakes up and finds out he is a...
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