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personal narrative essay (Essay Sample)

this is a personal narrative essay, which means the context should be happened to me, u can decide the topic for it, BUT, PLEASE REMEMBERC i am an international student, don't write something that will ONLY happen to american,it might be trevaling, young puppy love, family relationship,,, so on. and also i am a FEMALE, so i hope the topic can catch the gender traits. besides that, i hope this essay include around 7 paragraphs,and hopefully it will be full 4 pages, it should include backgroud, event(s), climax, and resolusion(s),etc.. the messsage itself should be meaningful hopfully. most importantly, make sure it is totally different to others so that my instructor will not kick me out of the classIthank u, if it works i will glad to coorperate with u guys again! source..
Personal narrative essay Student: Professor: Course title: Date: My experiences with my elder sister “A family that prays together stays together” was a common phrase heard quite often during my childhood when I was eleven years old. My dad always encouraged us to pray and be thankful to God for everything we had. He always encouraged us to be responsible and well-behaved girls and often said, “Nothing in the world is as good as high moral character”. Our relatively small family included my parents, my eldest sister and I, the last born in the family. My sister and I were not only the closest members of the family, but also the best of friends during our childhood, and although she was one year older than I was, we did many naughty things together that even surprised ourselves. Sometimes we were stubborn and cheeky towards our parents but they never stopped to correct us whenever we were wrong. My sister and I not only played together with dolls and teddy bears, but also prepared luscious and tasty meals for the family together, did homework and celebrated our birthdays together. During my childhood, my sister and I often competed and fought over anything. We would sometimes compete just to gain favor from our parents, and my sister won in most instances because she was bigger and stronger than I was. My mum usually prepared delicious dinner for the family and would most often invite us to help her in cutting celery and carrots among other chores our small, dim kitchen. This greatly helped to improve our cooking experiences even though we were still youngsters. “One day you would be great cooks, just like me”, she often told us. During the weekends, however, she would often come home late from work and these were the times we were expected to prepare a simple dinner. My elder sister and I would sometimes disagree on who should was the dirty dishes, who should slice the celery and carrots or who should cook, since she believed she was a bet...
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