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Home Care Provider/Health Care (Essay Sample)

A project plan is a dynamic document; you update it throughout the project to reflect current agreements about goals, schedule, budget, and so on. The plan then becomes the main venue by which you: -Aid communication and decision making with the project sponsor and stakeholders. -Guide both project execution and project control within the team To improve your understanding of project planning, you will build or critique a project plan of your choice. Topic Details Project Summary An overview of the situation, to include items such as the sponsors, customer(s), bidders, winner(s), project objectives/goals, constraints, and any other information necessary to establish the situation. Specifications A description of the end product or service in terms of characteristics, requirements, and performance goals. Statement of Work (SOW) A SOW can be used but it must be abridged to adhere to the page count. Master Schedule A time scale showing the interrelationships of project tasks. Sub-schedules need not be discussed if it would make you exceed your page count. Procedures Guide The rules and practices that govern the project. Elaborate on whether procedures comply with or violate company/government policy. Cost Controls A work breakdown structure that shows activities, components, and committed resources. If the observed company refuses to release their controls, develop one on your own. Materials and Equipment Forecast A depiction of how materials will be managed. Applicable only to projects where procurement and movement of materials was required. Cross-Impact Matrix A Functional Cross Impact Matrix showing which organizational units/key personnel are involved in the process of completing each task of the project. Project Organization Plan A simple break down of the major project responsibilities. Management Plan A description of how management was/will be conducted and how the project will be monitored. Project Personnel Plan A description of the labor resource requirements that establishes key responsibilities, numbers and qualifications. Reporting and Review Procedure A list of documents and communications materials essential to the project. Describe the purpose of each document. Supplements: You may use lists, tables, figures, graphs, and/or charts to illustrate your points, and cite periodicals, texts, and/or personal interviews to clarify your report. These can be part of your core pages, or in addition to it. Your instructor and classmates will evaluate your report, so consider the impact of your technology choices. source..

A Project Plan: Homecare Provider/Health Care
This paper is in form of a home-based healthcare project plan. The project aims at identifying the most effective way of providing quality and efficient home-based healthcare services to the sick, disabled and aged people in the community. This particular project plan is divided into: project summary, specifications, statement of work, master schedule, procedure guide, cost controls, materials and equipment forecast, cross-impact matrix, project organization plan, management plan, project personnel plan and reporting and review procedure.

A Project Plan: Homecare Provider/Health Care
Project Summary
Healthcare provision at home is increasingly becoming an important issue. As Harris (2010) notes, sick people, the elderly and people who are suffering from various physical disabilities can now receive healthcare services in their homes, without necessarily having to visit healthcare facilities. Healthcare services that can be provided to these people at their homes may include treatment of the sick, nursing of the elderly people, personal assistance of the disabled and among others. However, many of these people are suffering helplessly in their homes. As Capezuti and his colleagues (2008) do observe, although the “Programme and Service Guide for Home-Based Care” initiative has been put in place, nothing much has been achieved. McCarthy and Schafermeyer (2007) argue that various types of healthcare models have just been implemented without any observance of the set standards. This situation raises a need for more information on home-based healthcare. This project is based on a response to such a need. It gives a systematic framework through which effective and efficient home-based healthcare can be implemented. The project serves as a guide to healthcare policy makers and managers. Its objective is to identify the most effective way of providing quality and efficient home-based healthcare services. The project bidder is the Ministry of Health. Out of the 17 contenders who had been short-listed for the project interview, XX Public Health Research Firm won the contract. The project is sponsored by the Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization (WHO). Healthcare managers and policy makers are expected to make use of this framework in implementing, guiding, monitoring and supervising effective home-based health care programs. Some of the constraints that are likely to hinder successful implementation of this particular project include insufficient funds, lack of enough time and inadequate co-operation from the members of the study case community.
The usage of this recommended framework is expected to raise the quality and general standard of home-based healthcare services. According to Prieto (2008), home-based healthcare is continually evolving as a result of the changing needs of ...
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