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Mid-term Take-home examination - Easy Money Department Case Study (Essay Sample)

Your paper should be 1,800 to 2,200 words in length. Footnotes and Bibliography are not required. However, extensive use of, and visible reference to, course theoretical content are expected and necessary for a satisfactory grade. CASE STUDY: EASY-MONEY DEPARTMENT (A) –PAGE 109 OF CASE BOOK Questions: What roles do you think perception and communication have in the above case? Consider mostly the 3 principal actors Jones, Smith and Ray. (50%) Do you think the performance and commitment of Ray would have changed, or stayed the same, from the beginning to the end of the case study? Explain. (50%) source..
Mid- term Take Home Examination: Easy Money Department Case Study Name Course number Instructor`s name Date What roles do you think perception and communication have in the above case? Consider mostly the 3 principal actors Jones, Smith and Ray Two interpersonal communication styles are depicted in the case study. The two supervisors have a communication style that is aggressive and intimidating towards the auditors. Smith states that he has an open door policy and that he would be helpful to his staff on matters of interpretation. However, when actual need arises, he is of little help to them. This is evident when Ray calls him while in the field and request for assistance in determining whether a certain item is taxable. His response is marked with the intimidating word ‘you` and he offers Ray no help at all. Ray confirms that Smith is unknowledgeable on matters of the statutes and that he covers up his ignorance by being intimidating to the auditors. He then seeks assistance from a fellow auditor. Jones` style of communication is intimidating in a queer way. He has a habit of spying on the auditors and the auditors are cautious about having him around. This behavior is intimidating because he is their supervisor and the information he gathers from them might put their careers on the line. This makes him unapproachable because the auditors have little trust that he would respond in their best interest. Ray`s communication style is open and assertive. This is evident in the way he seeks information about the supervisors from the auditor. He also admits his inadequacy in interpretation of the statutes to his training supervisor. Were he timid and passive, he would not have expressed his concern about legislative capacity. His confidence is also portrayed by the way, in which he interacts with his domineering supervisor. When confronted about consulting his fellow auditor about interpretation, he demonstrates confidence when he asks him who advised him about the incident. Smith is however a bit different from Jones in the sense that he is direct about the issues that he disapproves of. He clearly and assertively reminds Ray that it is unacceptable to consult other people on interpretation. This is characteristic of the organizational behavior where decision-making is entrusted to the managers. However, it is important that the managers and supervisors embody the important values of communicating with their staff or employees. This works to reduce wastage of resources when subordinates make wrong decisions. Communication styles inform how the recipient perceives the person sending the message. In this case, Ray perceived the two supervisors as being intimidating, pushy and unhelpful. This caused him to become upset and concerned particularly because Smith failed to realize that he consulted a fellow auditor because he was unhelpful in the first place. He felt that Smith...
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