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Professional Leadership (Essay Sample)

For this assignment, choose four leadership qualities that are important to you, and also important to be effective and successful in your field, or in your profession. The qualities you choose may be ones that have been mentioned in this module, or others that you identify as personally important. The assignment should contain the following: A description of each leadership quality you choose (not simply mentioning each leadership quality). You should describe each quality as to what it is and why it is important to possess to be a good leader. (15 points) A description of why each leadership quality is important to someone working in your field and/or profession. What is it about each leadership quality that would help someone to excel in your field/profession? (15 points) A description of how at least two of these leadership qualities you discuss help you take an Human Ecological Systems approach to your work. For example: How do these leadership qualities help you remain adaptive to our changing society? How do these leadership qualities help you take into account several different factors influencing your field and/or your work, and how do these leadership qualities help you to work effectively across different cultures, backgrounds, etc.? (15 points) This assignment should be no more than two typed pages, double spaced (and no less than 1.5 pages). Remember, if you are using the work/ideas of someone else, you must use proper citation and list the work in a references page. By now, you have discovered APA format, which is the writing style used in many of the Human Sciences. Refer to the information on APA format on the course home page if you get stuck. Also, be sure to use proper spelling, grammar, and sentence structure, and proper citation and referencing format if necessary (10 points). source..

Professional leadership
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Professional leadership
Professional leadership is defined as the process of organizing a group of people to accomplish a certain task at a given fee in return. In education/teaching just like many others, the following key leadership qualities stand out.
Trust is leadership quality crucial not only for a leader but to all humans in general. A professional leader is required to have the trust of most if not all his workers and should be a person of highest level of integrity and honor and their words should always be trusted by those under him. As a teacher in the school environment, a teacher is looked upon as an example to the students/colleagues under them and they keep watching up to the teacher. The students put their trust in the teacher and the teacher has an obligation to assure them of their trust and respect so as to follow on, for instance in matters bringing about culture change, the trust developed will greatly reduce the followers resistance for there will be no fear of the unknown.
Self Aware and Insightful About Your Impact on Others
The best leader should be able to watch and notice how others are reacting to them and adjust accordingly to what they are saying to help build good working relationships. Accordingly, Mintzberg (2010) notes that a leader should develop tools to flex their style to get through to others so that they are in the place to 'hear' your message and it stirs them to respond favorably to you. This however should not mean to change every time to make people like you but rather communicate in ways that will make others want to work with us
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