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The benefits and disadvantages of bilingualism on children language development (Essay Sample)

the essay will be 5 paragraphs include interdiction and conclusion interdiction include a- general background to specific information b - thesis statement and evaluation body 1 or barograph 1 include topic sentence +contrail idea + supporting idea and concluding sentence. and you should do until paragraph 4 the references should be books and journals new publish please use context references like (the tendency to engage in multitasking is ………..(Rapp, 2006, p 604). And similary, siegle and foster\'s (2001) observation……. inside every paragraph Use reporting verb like according to says, suggest ......... And according to (young,2006) ……………… in each paragraph. use evidence / examples conclusion reference I must hand outline so please attach it with essay I hope you focus on the requirements I hope focus in the main ( consider the benefits and disadvantages of bilingualism on children language development. What are the long term implication?) I hope you write according to what has been explained Best regards, source..

Bilingualism in Children Development
Thesis statement
The ability to use two languages with equal levels of command is quite remarkable, especially coming from the children (Grosjean, 2011). As much as it is has it level of awe, it also has disadvantages of its own, regarding language development in children. It effects have a tendency to be felt through the lifetime of these children to their adulthood.
The good and the bad
As bilinguals develop their language, they tend to be more sensitive to the relation between words semantically, analyze sentence structures better; as such they are better creative thinkers than the monolinguals (Connie, 2013). Research has also found that the bilinguals are also superior when it comes to forming concepts (Dreifus, 2010).
Contrary to research that speaks well of the ability, others reveal that it leads to delay in the child`s lexical acquisition. The vocabulary in bilinguals is also smaller, compared to that of the monolinguals. This further translates in reduced verbal intelligence, and overall the bilingual may drag behind in grades until later in the classes (Dr. Nino-Murcia, 2009). Where the bilingual`s second language is lower, the children have difficulty differentiating between the nonessential from the essentials, while the monolinguals are better (Cuda-Kroen, 2011). Their level of perpetual organization is also much lower, although their arithmetic abilities were much higher than that of the monolinguals.
The long-term
Given that most of the development stages of the children, in the long run the bilingualism tends to reduce the children`s vocabulary, which impairs their ability to access details from the less frequently used language (Bialystok, 2010). As such, they have a slower semantic verba...
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