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Learning Second Language: Cognitive Development (Essay Sample)


This essay is for language class, so you dont need to write hard sentences. But you should care about summary and organization. I will give you outline and sources. Please try you best.


Learning Second Language
Learning Second Language
When people want to travel to other countries or when they are looking for jobs in places further from home, they rush to learn a second language to help them converse as they transit into their new city and life. Others learn a second language to boost their resume or their image depending on where or who they wish to show it to. Previously, people used to learn a second language to show off or for simple reasons which included but were not limited to travelling overseas. However, currently, people are studying second languages for reasons beyond travelling. Actually, learning a second language offers one certain privileges which were unbeknownst to them before. The immediate or tangible benefit of studying a second language can have far-reaching effects in many areas of person’s life. However, this article seeks to showcase how a person accrues certain benefits including improved cognitive development, qualify for better jobs, and reducing the prevalence of Alzheimer’s disease.
Studying a second language can help to enhance a person’s brain power and therefore, make one smarter. According to a BBC article, a research conducted by experts from the University College London proved that people who understand two or more languages are smarter than those who only understand one. The researchers “found learning other languages altered grey matter – the area of the brain which processes information – in the same way, exercise builds muscles” (2004). Additionally, the research revealed that those who learned a second language while young seem to be smarter or to have a highly advanced grey matter than those who learn later. Just like how one’s brain is challenged to assess, then decipher information, learning and speaking a foreign language works the same way. The brain’s functionality is enhanced when people learn to speak in different languages. It creates new associative connection links within the brain that helps it to ‘fetch’ information and process more information.
The second advantage which should move a person to learn a second language is that it helps people to get better jobs. In her article, Doherty is quick to opine that speaking two languages or learning to speak foreign languages is currently considered “a valuable trait” (2017). She continues to explain that learning a second language increases a person’s marketability, helps to differentiate a person and is also advantageous in relationship building. As a person who is seeking to enhance their chances of acquiring a job, speaking a foreign language will indeed endear you to employers. For example, if you are applying for a sales and marketing job, it will indeed make more sense if one is able to converse in several languages because that would mean one can attract clients from diff

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