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Variants Of Language: "Ask" Sounds Like "Ax" (Research Paper Sample)


It must be answered all questions he listed.
I prefer to choose ax vs. ask AND in vs. ing.
It is not necessary to use some uncommon word, but it is the necessary answer the questions clearly.
At least 5 sources
Should to summarised what you learned from it.


Variants of Language
(Student's name)
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Variants of Language
When it comes to black American speech, there are certain things that are evident such as how they pronounce “ask” because it sounds like “ax.” It stands out and when someone is talking this way, there is a possibility that it will not be missed. This is considered to be one of the black vernaculars that gives them the stereotype and it has received negative reactions for years. People assume right away that someone is poor if they talk like this, they are black, and uneducated. There are a lot of things to say about this, especially when it comes to speech formality.
Those who use “ax” are using a kind of pronunciation that originated from thousands while keeping its unbroken form. According to the American Dialect Society, it is not something new nor a mistake because it is a regular part of English. Furthermore, “ax” can be traced back all the way to the 8th century. The pronunciation was derived from an old English verb – “acsian.” (Schultz, 2014). Moreover, it is part of the Bible's 1st English translation especially in the statement: “Ax and it shall be given.”
The Middle and modern English both evolved from Old English that used the word asken then it became ask. However, ax stuck around and it appeared in a lot of popular places (Jones, 2018). The popular book The Canterbury Tales also uses “ax” which is a classic literature piece.
In prescriptive grammar, “ax” is considered as a trademark of African American English, and it is also stigmatized in their community. For instance, Oprah is a famous celebrity who never pronounces ask as aks which means that it is a wrong form and its basis can be gotten from how an educated individual should talk. The linguistic qualities of the word have nothing to do with it (Tatman, 2013). Although, all of these forms have phonological pressures that pushes English speakers to use them.
Originally, it was used by uneducated people like the black American slaves who worked with the English language. However, even with that knowledge, people still use it and it causes some form of annoyance when someone is heard speaking like that. It is also because “ax” has a totally different meaning, which could be misleading for anyone. “Ax” is linked

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