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Second Language Acquisition: Use Of Television (Research Paper Sample)


I have already work the literature review portion , but have only included 2 theoretical and 2 empirical articles, I still need 2 more Theorectical articles. Below you will find the instruction for the Literature Review and Methods Section. I have not done the methods sections. My research question is: "Can incidental vocabulary acquisition occur through watching Television in the L2 with captions?"
Literature review and Methods section:
This assignment involves two steps. First choose a topic of interest to you that is related to the issues/theories we discuss in class. Possible topics related to classroom teaching include: interaction, instruction, corrective feedback, motivation, vocabulary acquisition, and focus on form pedagogical strategies. Choose a course article or material from our course textbook(s) that addresses this issue. Next find at least two outside research (empirical) articles that address this issue. A good way to find these research articles is to see the sources that the textbook or class article authors cite. For example, if you are discussing learner strategies as a topic, you could summarize two empirical studies that looked at learner strategies and then critique their strengths and weaknesses. Next, find four (so that you have a total of 6) more empirical studies that are related to the topic you explored in the first step. This paper can be used as a preliminary step (or rough draft) for the literature review section of your final project.
Methods Section
Participants; Context; Research Question; Study Design; Data; Instruments/Plan for Analysis (See description of final project for details)
Other Specifications: Simply summarizing articles is insufficient. Your outside sources should be non-course academic articles related directly to the content of the course article. Referring to text and article bibliographies and then using the College's online library resources is probably the most expedient way to locate an outside source. Public internet sources (Wikipedia, etc.) are not acceptable.
You will also be evaluated on your critical reaction to how what you have read, discussed, and understood regarding SLA and how principles in question relate to teaching practice.
The literature review and methods section must be at least seven pages in length and must not exceed nine pages in length (Times 12pt, 1.5 line spacing). See rubric for details. Your methods section will be approximately two to three pages in length.
Field-based research project
This project should be based on an SLA-related question you are genuinely interested in and will most likely be unique to your teaching, professional, and personal situation. If you are not currently teaching, ask a classmate who is, or it may be possible to collect data from relatives or friends. Be sure to speak with the instructor about who your informants will be.
Key components of the research project (refer to rubric for details and assessment criteria):
a) Submission of a CITI Certificate by the class meeting noted in the agenda above;
b) Individual or group (by general topic) meeting with instructor to determine the focus of their study, the type of data to be collected, and who the informants will be. This meetings will be incorporated into our class sessions.
c) An Abstract of approximately 250 words that briefly summarizes the main features of the paper including linguistic focus, informants, data collection method used and results.
d) An Introduction that gives an overall description of the studies objectives, your hypothesis, and the gap in your knowledge of the field the study will fill.
e) Literature Review containing at least six non-class assigned peer-reviewed references related to the topic, written so as to the chosen pieces of literature are compared and contrasted with each other in an integrated fashion in a topic-relevant way. The review should take an objective voice, with all claims based on evidence found in the studies you choose to include. Begin your search by referring to relevant literature cited in the bibliographies found in your textbooks as well as in the required articles. All references must be in proper APA-style. Web-based literature may be used, but should be full-length academic articles and must be cited correctly. Textbooks and required class articles may not be counted towards the minimum of six references mentioned above. In your literature review you should refer to two class readings (in addition to your “personal six”).
f) A Methodology section that includes a description of the informants, variables controlled for, data collection techniques, etc.
g) A Results section that describes the results obtained.
h) A Discussion section that analyzes the results in light of your hypothesis and the results of studies discussed in your literature review.
i) A Conclusion that sums up the paper, how it met your expectations, and future work you recognize that needs to be done on your project focus.
j) The paper length will be determined by the project type, but should be approximately 15 to 20 pages. (8 of which are my literature review, can be edited if you need)


Second Language Acquisition
There are different methods or ways through which people learn their preferred L2s. Researchers have documented these but there appears to be limited research which focus solely on learning l2s through TV programs with captions. Therefore, this research sought to establish whether inclusion of captions on TV programs had any measurable or significant impact on incidental vocabulary acquisition. In order to ascertain the likelihood of incidental vocabulary acquisition from watching a captioned TV program, a group of 5 native Spanish speakers aged 25-30 was selected. This group watched an averagely 20-minute episode of a TV program which was produced in English. The first episode was captioned while the second episode was not captioned. After watching the two videos, the group was questioned to evaluate their vocabulary acquisition in English. The results revealed that the study group generally acquired new vocabulary after watching the two videos. The vocabulary test and feedback from the respondents revealed that there was observable difference between the vocabulary acquisition in both settings. The captioned videos led to more vocabulary acquisition which was mainly cognates than the uncaptioned video. These learning effects were observed in 40-minute exposure time hence there is a strong indication that longer exposure time could translate to more incidental vocabulary acquisition.
Literature Review
Vocabulary acquisition is an essential part of learning a second language. It allows the learner to better understand a multitude of sources, enable them to participate in conversations, listen to music, watch television shows and read anything from novels to newspapers. Recently, researchers have begun to study the use of multimedia as a tool for vocabulary acquisition. In this paper I will be focusing on the use of television as a tool for incidental vocabulary acquisition, specifically. While it is a relatively new course of research for many, it is quite interesting and closely related to other tools for acquiring vocabulary.
Vanderplank (2012) spoke on the use of subtitles for L2 vocabulary acquisition. What is most interesting to learn is that the origin of this tool for incidental language acquisition originally began as a tool for the deaf to enjoy television programs. In order to fairly and justly provide the deaf population with adequate captioned video, principles such as ‘shot-to-shot' were considered (Vanderplank, 2016). As Vanderplank explained, this meant that “captions must not go over from the shot they refer to another shot” (p. 237). Consequently, the honoring of such principles turned video clips into an excellent teaching tool. Learners are thus able to receive audio and visual input while improving their listening and reading skills. In other studies, as referred to in most articles, reading was thought to be the best way to acquire vocabulary knowledge.
A large takeaway we can gather from his speech is the need to, as teachers work extensively to produce quality material if we so choose to utilize the closed caption system along with television programs as a tool for teaching an L2. Teachers must work hard at picking appropriate material for the level of student as well as making sure the captions are in accordance with the actual words being spoken (Caimi, 2006). While it is considered important to provide the deaf community with the best possible captioning, it did not guarantee that the text was correct. The reading speed variable is also discussed in which it is assumed the learner can not only read and understand the captions but does so at the speed of the clip. Vanderplank (2016) points this out as decoding, where the learner's ability to follow along is a significant variable i...

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