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Analyze John Dryden's "A Song for St Ceclia's Day According to Genre (Essay Sample)


Three to four pages, double spaced, and typed in Times New Roman 12-point font. Assume that your reader has read the literary work about which you are writing but has done no research on the historical, cultural, or generic context of the work.
Write a short paper on John Dryden's "A Song for St cecilia's Day", analyze it according to its genre or its historical or cultural context. MAKE SURE TO TALK ABOUT THE WRITER ALONG WITH THE POEM AND DO NOT JUST GIVE A SUMMARY OF THE ENTIRE POEM!


A Song for St. Cecilia’s Day
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A Song for St. Cecilia’s Day
John Dryden was born in 1631 in England town of Northampton. Dryden is renowned for being one of the greatest poets after Shakespeare. Dryden specialized in literary critics, and it is in that field that Dryden became an exemplary English  HYPERLINK "" \o "Poet" poet, playwright and a  HYPERLINK "" \o "Translator" translator (, 2014). In 1668, Dryden’ work had made an impact in the field of poetry and earned a title as a  HYPERLINK "" \o "Poet Laureate of the United Kingdom" Poet Laureate. It is at Westminster School of London, where Dryden obtained a specialized training regarding rhetorical argument as an art of poetry. The argument rhetorical studies shaped Dryden’s poems and it remained as the strongest stimulus on the writings that ensued later. Dryden had specialized in the curriculum presented by the school, where pupils were prepared for a rhetorical argument by practicing to give arguments to two sides of one issue. The knowledge and skills in rhetorical arguments resulted in significant impacts on the thinking of Dryden and consequently his poetic work. Most of the poems, including the A Song for St. Cecilia’s Day show rhetorical argument dialectical patterns. The poem was written in commemoration of St. Cecilia. The translation sessions and studies in poem classics that were embedded in the curriculum, assisted Dryden to be a good translator. Dryden is one of the poets, to have written a poetic masterpiece on the invitation of the musical society of London (, 2014).
St. Cecilia, according to Dryden is the iconic individual who transpired the development of musical harmony. The poem revolves around the foundation of music whose discussion has been a mystery and its explanation regarding origin has been perplexing since time immemorial. According to Dryden, legends such as St. Cecilia and myths have been conceived to validate the existence of music. Saint Cecilia as a mythical figure in the second century that facilitated the establishment of music which in the current society is still a divine art. There is uncertainty in the connection between music and mythical legends as the legends facilitate the understanding of music (, 2010). The concept of Harmony is drawn fr...
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