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Song of Roland (Essay Sample)

http://www(dot)sparknotes(dot)com/lit/songofroland/ Please read the story "The Song of Roland" Essay: What techniques does the writer use to tell the story or emphasize the lesson? What is the moral lesson of the piece? What characteristics of religion are present? Also, explain the historical context of the piece, explaining its impact on the story. Finally, take a position on whether the piece could be written (and read) today. English literature class 3 pages, 12 pt. font, MLA format, double spaced, correct in-text and Works Cited citations. I am an international student, only need a B level paper. source..
Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Song of Roland The Song of Roland is a poem written in the eleventh century. Although it is for light reading, it is also fun to read as it is full of actions with clear cut facets of the good and the bad, with a religious spin to it (Ragnar). From a different level, the literature also expresses the ideas of honor, revenge and betrayal. One of the techniques that are used in the poem is that of rhyming. The end words of the poem in the approximately fourteen lines are structured in such a way that they have the element of assonance. As one reads through the laisses, they notice that there is an echo of much the same event but with a little difference. This is used to slow down the pace of the narrative, while still creating the idea of repetition. There is also the imagery technique, where the narrative is used to create the images of the story line and the general flow of events (Ragnar). For example when Roland dies, the events are slowed down to create the impression of time having stopped for this great moment. The reader can easily visualize the events in their mind as they take place. The main messages are encompassed within the themes that are used throughout the poem. One of the major themes is the good versus evil, which is used to create the emphasis of the how the good persons are driven by god’s will while those that are pagans are dragged to hell. There is also the theme of loyalty within all the circles, be it the Christians or the pagans as the Muslims are called. It also draws a relationship between the gods and man. In the poem the gods had the power to command and the men were obligated to obey them. As a whole the poem tends to lean a lot on the theme of duty which ties with the aspects of the gods and man and the duties thereof. As for the moral lesson in the poem, which the readers can relate to easily, is that of loyalty and honor. The reader is shown how the two sides of the religion factions are loyal to what gods they hold high in their faith. For the French Christians, they are very loyal to their God jus as the ...
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