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ISSA Final Exam Case Study Physical Abilities And Primary Goals (Essay Sample)


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3) Case Studies Section – ***changes required***
After logging into your account, please visit the following link to view a sample case study. https://www(dot)issatrainer(dot)com/study-aids/sample-answers/
• With regard to your client’s preliminary information, you did not sufficiently discuss your required "professional responsibilities" as a trainer to safely analyze the needs of a client before starting an exercise program, nor did you provide specific reference to any specific methods of Assessment, that you would utilize with your client in order to determine their level of fitness prior to beginning their exercise program. Please refer to the information presented on the drawing-in phase in Unit 12, and specific fitness assessments in Unit 13 of the text to address these areas.
• With regards to your nutrition, you need to provide a more comprehensive nutritional strategy for each client specific to their particular dietary needs. We would like for you to provide both general and specific dietary guidance, and nutrition recommendations for your client, so as to provide them with guidance that could assist them in achieving their goal(s), while providing them ample energy to do so. We would like for you to go beyond simply stating the clients’ BMR/DCE or their required daily protein, carbohydrate and fat requirements, but to explain your reasoning behind your calculations as well. Please review Units 17-20 in your text book pertaining to nutrition and dietary guidance.
• In addition, please be sure that you provide a definitive connection between your initial evaluation, the assessments you chose, the actual exercise program design, the nutrition strategy, and how each aspect will most effectively assist them in achieving their goal(s). If you have not done so already, please review the Sample Case Study Answer provided to you in your Practice Examination. In addition, it may help if you review pages 361-452 in your text which is Unit 12 to Unit 20.


Case Study.
Student’s Name:
Student’s Number:
Case Study 1.
Given the physical abilities and primary goals of the client, the training program that the analyst chose as a form of exercise to the client is appropriate, safe and effective, apart from being select and determined specifically for the individual. The professional responsibilities used in the drawing in process include, and it starts with integrity which the researcher used to conduct himself professionally (Cutrufello, 2019). The other responsibilities are manifesting a sense of passion and enthusiasm in all activities with the client and helping them achieve their personal and professional goals on a personal level. Moreover, as a trainer, I had other functions of providing the required information on the notion of general fitness, modifying the modes of exercise so as to fit the level of the client, demonstrating the thought of regularity and routine assisting them and keenly monitoring their progress.
The analyst performed two fitness tests on the client; one dynamic strength test and an endurance test. The methods of evaluation used in the training were the literature review and the analytic hierarchy process methods (Sekendiz, 2016). Moreover, the methods of data collection that the trainer used to obtain information from the client were interviews, observation and electronic data collection methods such as internet surveys. Some of the specific conditions the researcher found out from the program was that, according to the Karvonen Formula, the client’s heart rate is 189.
The 12-week program was as follows:
Duration: 45 min .10 min warm-up.  10 min cool down
Rest: 45 sec
Week 1-4.  4 days 2 days with no weight 2 days with 10lb dumbbell
Butt blaster                      3 sets 10 reps
Frog squat jump               3.        10
Hip thrust                         3.         10
Walking lunges                3.         10
Flutter kicks.         3 sets.   16 reps
Planks.                   3.             30 sec
Heisman.               3.             20 reps
Week 5-8 
Resistance band side steps.  4 sets.  10 each side
Butt kickbacks.                        3.            10
Back squat.                                3.            10
Jumping jacks.                          3 sets.    1 min
Cable crunch.                             3 sets.     12 reps
Sissor kicks.                               3 sets.      20
Heisman.                                     3 sets.     20

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