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The Impact Coca-Cola Wants To See By Creating A Change In The World (Essay Sample)


You have to write an essay sample on The Impact Coca-Cola Wants To See By Creating A Change In The World


The Impact Coca-Cola Wants To See By Creating A Change In The World

For years, Coca-cola continues to thrive as one of the biggest companies to serve in the food industry. Owning multiple brands such as Del Valle, Ciel, Fanta, Fairlife to name among the many others. Coca-cola is a company that continues to grow and prove itself as a tough competitor against aspiring food giants.
However, this essay is not to put emphasis on Coca-cola's glory but give a brief introduction on the composition of this giant beast. We would like to put emphasis on Coca-cola's objectives, strengths, weaknesses, vision, mission and organizational change.
Coca-cola's Objectives
For any business out there, decision making is the most important to the business's success. In general, Coca-cola aims to be a world renowned business that conducts their transactions ethically and responsibly to further improve their sustainable growth. This objective had formed the foundation for the decision making of this company in the process of growth and earning revenue.
Coca-cola's Strengths and Weaknesses
Coca-cola exhibits different strengths and weaknesses. Some of them include the following:
1 Brand equity – Coca-cola is famously known to have the highest brand equity award back in 2011 due to its presence in the global market.
2 Coca-cola is considered one of the most valuable companies known with its whopping net worth to be 79.2$ billion dollars. This net worth includes their factories, assets, operational costs and profit by the company.
3 Coca-cola is also known for its wide range of loyal customers due to the presence of their strong products. Some of its other products such as Fanta has an enormous fan base and it has been proven time and time again that people prefer this product (like the many others the company has) over the rest. Finding better alternatives for Coca-cola products prove to be difficult, up until now.
4 Coca-cola is also known for its huge distribution market. Coca-cola continues to be in high demand so they are able to command market presence to their leisure.
5 Coca-cola unlike other brands had expanded their business over the years due to their marketing strategies which includes winning the hearts of people regardless of their age.
6 Not enough emphasis is put on how big the company really is. Coca

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