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Gun Control Research: 2nd Amendment Of The Constitution (Essay Sample)


Assignment 1: (500 words) It is mandatory that you make an appointment and met with a writing coach for this assignment.
With regard to gun control, some states implement their own legislation. Some make gun ownership less restrictive, while others are more restrictive. Share your views on gun control and provide your reasoning to support your perspective.
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Gun Control
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Gun Control
Possessing firearms in the US has its legalities based on the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution. Gun control had always been an issue that American politics have to deal with. The number of mass shooting increased and there is antagonism on the 2 sides of gun control. I personally think that gun control is failing, even if I agree to it because people do not have a strong conviction towards it. The government will not move if there is not enough public opinion.
74% of gun owners say that owning a gun is important to them when it comes to freedom. 44% believe that giving people the right own guns legally contributes to gun violence (McCarthy, 2017). The good thing about gun control is it prevents fugitives from purchasing firearms. They are a threat to society and the patients that do not intentionally commit themselves to mental institution are also not allowed to own firearms.
Federal law prohibits selling of firearms to those who are guilty of having unlawful possessions or controlled substances within 1 year that has passed. Including marijuana, which is still not legalized by federal law, but is legal in some states in the US.
A lot of owners that do not collect guns purchase weapons because they think of needing it someday for self-defense and also protection. The simplicity of buying guns for people who need it are given the chance to counter people

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