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Analytic paper: The hidden cost of bein african american (Essay Sample)

Ananlytical essay: book is called: "The hidden cost of bein african american" pp129-154. 1pg Skeleton outline: john l jackson, harlemworld(excerpt). (1pg) 1page per topic please (first paper is an analytical paper. THE HIDDEN COST OF BEING AFRICAN AMERICAN pp129-154) The second is The hidden cost of being african american pp 1-125 source..

Running Head: Analytical
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African Americans have been suffering for a long time in America. It is due to this fact that Shapiro tries to elaborate further on this topic that has creped in America for quite some time now. Racism is the name given to this vice that has made the lives of African Americans unbearable in America (Shapiro 2005). Through personal stories, Shapiro tries to paint this picture into the modern world. He argues that, the rate of racism has gone down over the years. There has been a steady increase in the rate which Africans Americans are being employed hence an increase in annual income. Despite these positive improvements, there are basic levels of racism are very persistent specifically in asset accumulation, savings, stocks, accounts, bonds among other forms of investment. In this book, Shapiro clearly brings out how such events have perpetuated racism hence affecting the day to day activities of African Americans driving them to high poverty levels. He uses a combination of interviews from at least 200 families, national survey of almost 10, 000 families to show how racism is passed on from one generation to another. From his writings, we learn that private families who are very wealthy keep moving to safer and more comforting communities (Shapiro 2005). This is passed on to their children as they grow. Those from poor families remain trapped in communities that don’t give them a chance and opportunity to develop themselves despite all their hard work and efforts to better themselves...
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