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History: Hesiod, Homer and Herodotus Essay (Essay Sample)

I have to write a 1 page paper answering the two following questions. 1) compare the historical value of Homer,Hesiod and Herodotus.what were their sourced and methods .?what were their proms and cons to their approaches. How are they useful ( 2 paragraphs) 2) compare the world views ,educational priorities and governmental systems of Sparta and Athens .critique each by contrasting them.which one was more successful.?( 2 paragraphs) source..

Hesiod, Homer and Herodotus
Each of the poets that lived in the medieval times carries their own literature values, with great reference to the times and the development of the poetry techniques. Hesiod who lived in the period between the 750 and 650 BCE contributed immensely to the development of the ancient Greeks poetry before the classical times that saw some of the best literature pieces by the likes of Plato, Socrates, Sophocles and Pericles among others, majority of whom borrowed from his works. However, unlike them, much of Hesiod’s works revolved around the gods.Much of diction depicts that of homer, with some of the allusive quaint phrases, borrowed for the peasant poems that came before his time (White, 2013). There was a lot of imagination combined with the naive sincerity and pictorial representation of nature and its natural events.
Homer was one of the epic poetic writers that lived in his time, with some of his most celebrated works called the Odyssey and the Iliad. Unlike the Herodotus style of narration, Homer mostly employed the epics styles such as the long speeches, catalogs, quests or journeys, similes, divine intervention, metaphors, testing the heroes and digressions among others. He also used the dactylic hexameter, where each of the lines in the poems has specific metrical feet.
While Herodotus came after homer had died around two centuries before, his style was a little different from the ...
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