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Management of Health Programs Expectations (Essay Sample)

BHM320 Module5 SLP - Management of Health Programs Expectations 1. The intent of the SLP is for you to apply the theoretical and general aspects covered in each module, to real-life and practical cases. 2. The SLP will have specific questions you will need to address, as described below. 3. Please focus on how the measures you identify aid in the accountability process. 4. Please respond in about 2 full text pages. The Assignment 1. Identify and discuss the measures taken and implemented in your workplace (or one that you are familiar with), that aid in the accountability process. source..
Running Head: HEALTHCARE
Management of Health Programs Expectations
Management of Health Programs Expectations
The study of decision making is involved with getting alternatives with basis on preferences and values on values of the one making the decision. Many makers of decision are mostly found to seek grater information than required to have a decision that is good. When someone has obtained too much information, several problems can arise. This delay may occur because of the required time to make and process the extra information.
Some measures taken for decision making are as follows. In each decision, there is an environment of making the decision that has the definition of alternatives of information, values and alternatives, and preferences that are available at each time of decision making. The constraints of time simply mean that a decision should or must be made in a time that is specific. The constrain of efforts in this reflect the manpower limit properties and money. Because decisions should be made within this environment that is constrained, it is good to conclude that the major challenges of making decision are uncertainty (Vivian, 2007). It is almost impossible to be with all the required information to have a decision with certainty. Therefore most decisions involve an undeniable risk amount. Even with the reason that decisions should be made in a limiting environment of decision, the environment has two things in suggestion. At first, the hindsight highly better at making decision than foresight. As time passes, the environmen...
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