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General topic of response (Essay Sample)

it should be include all of requirement below. 1. piece to which student is responding is clearly stated in first paragraph. 2.article is summarized in first paragragh. 3.student's personal response 4.comparison to another reading or work 5.conclusion. article is attached. source..
General topic of response
Course title:
General topic of response
I am responding to the article The House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros. The author talks about their own house on Mango Street in which she lives with her parents and siblings, which is small and in poor state. This is in contrary to the dream house with running water and TV inside, which their parents always said they would move into. The number of children has been increasing whenever they move to a different house. Before moving in at this house, they lived in different places such as Loomis, Keeler and Paulina in dilapidated rental houses, which were also in poor conditions. Because of the experiences of living in dilapidated and poor quality houses, the author dreams of owning her own real house, far much better than the one on Mango Street and all the others they have lived in.
The author highlights the plight of poor families and their unattainable dreams. Her parents seem to earn low-income with financial challenges, and therefore cannot afford the kind of house they wish they had for their family. The author’s parents also have the problem of spacing children, which is common to many poor families. With low-income and an increasing number of children, it is difficult for the author’s parents to have adequate financial resources that will be helpful towards buying a better and spacious house. The low-income and an increasing number of children pointed by the author is compared to the article Why Large Families are Poor by Dr. Bernardo Villegas, which stresses on the need of parents to space children and to have fewer if their economic situation is unfortunate.
In conclusion, the author in the article talks about how her family, which is of low-income, has always dreamt of having their own beautiful spacious house with a big yard, even though the famil...
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